Kobe Bryant Auction: Everything You Need to Know About Black Mamba’s 2000 NBA Championship Ring That Is Up for Sale

With the sale of his 2000 NBA championship ring, Kobe Bryant is still making flips four years after his tragic death. Both sports enthusiasts and collectors have an eye on this key piece of sports souvenir, which is expected to be included in Goldin Auctions’ March Elite Sports Auction.

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Mamba’s memorabilia is a painful reminder of the late legend’s legacy and the significant impact he had on the world of sports. What makes it a precious possession is the fact that it was a gift that the Los Angeles Lakers’ icon gave to his loved one.

The value of Kobe Bryant’s victory ring


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As of Thursday evening, seven bids have been submitted in the auction, which has attracted a lot of demand. The $54,000 top price underlines the ongoing attraction of Bryant’s history and the strong bond that fans have with the Black Mamba. The 40 diamonds set in a 14-karat gold ring represent Bryant’s incredible accomplishments on the basketball court and have great historical and psychological value.

Sports memorabilia and auction marketplace Goldin Auctions claims in the ring’s description: “This is not an executive version of the Championship ring, but the same EXACT ring given to Kobe Bryant and other Lakers players”.

The championship ring has a moving history since Kobe Bryant gave it to his father, Joe Bryant, while he was still a great player. The item has additional value from this personal touch, which illustrates the strong relationship between a father and son. By giving fans the chance to purchase a physical piece of Bryant’s illustrious career, the auction helps to preserve his legacy for future generations.

The ring that Kobe Bryant gifted


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The valuable ring is being auctioned off until March 30 at 10 p.m. It is the same as one that was given to Kobe Bryant’s mother, Pamela Bryant, and sold for $206,000 at Goldin Auctions in 2020.

In 2013, Pamela had sold it for $280,000 at first. With the Lakers’ six-game championship series win against the Indiana Pacers in 2000—the team’s first since 1988—Kobe’s first NBA championship was honored with the ring.

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Along with these memorabilia, the auction will feature a 2009-10 game-used Bryant jersey, mementos from Golden State Warriors players Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry, trading cards with a rookie card signed by Michael Jordan, and a 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers championship ring. This auction honors Kobe Bryant, whose tragically short life was cut short in January 2020 when he and his daughter Gianna and seven other people perished in a helicopter crash.

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