Jason Kelce Wrecks J.J. Watt’s Argument Against Austin Rivers in a Wild Take

Can’t escape it! The NBA vs. NFL athletes debate is still going strong. The latest opinion on the debate came from the Kelce brothers, Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce. On their podcast, New Heights, the brothers debated about the possibility of NBA players playing in the NFL. While Travis, was not fully sold on it, Jason said it could happen.

Travis said, “I got faith in NFL players being able to go over to the NBA.” Jason immediately replied to that saying, “I have zero faith in that.” There by completely debunking JJ Watts’ claims. Travis then stated that Zion Williamson, the New Orleans Pelicans power forward, could easily get a $1srcsrc million contract in the NFL.

Jason spoke about all the comments that different players made about the topic. This entire episode started when former NBA player Austin Rivers on the Pat McAfee Show said, “I can take 3src players right now in the NBA and throw them in the NFL you cannot take 3src NFL players and put them in the NBA, you got to break every play all you gotta do is catch the ball and run north or south.” This expectedly made multiple NFL players angry, resulting in the ongoing NBA vs NFL debate that eventually reached the Kelce brothers’ podcast.


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J.J. Watt, the former NFL defensive end known for his outspoken nature, didn’t hesitate to challenge Austin Rivers about the crossover potential between football and basketball. After Rivers, who is currently out of a job in both leagues, expressed skepticism about athletes between the two sports, Watt re-shared the tweet and responded, “You don’t got a job in either right now, go ahead and try it…” While acknowledging Rivers’ not-so-big career, Watt made it clear that he disagreed with his ideologies about the crossover potential between the two sports. But do the brothers share the same belief?


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Kelce Brothers on: NFL vs NBA

Continuing the debate, Jason Kelce said, I disagree with that. I think that there are definitely NBA players that are tough-minded. The fact that they flop, the reason they do that is because it’s encouraged.” Jason and Travis had discussions about different players on both sides who could play in the opposite league. Draymond Green, the Golden State Warriors’ power forward/center’s name came up and Travis said, “We know for a fact that if there was one guy in the NBA that was tough enough, it would be Draymond Green.”

Jason went on to say that he agreed with Austin Rivers, that the NFL players can’t play in the NBA. Meanwhile, Jason also claimed that LeBron James could play in the red zone. A week’s training could make him one of the best red zone threats.


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The only exception that they thought could play in the NBA from the NFL was Chris Jones, the power tackle of the Kansas City Chiefs, other than Travis himself. Jason was a little apprehensive about the Travis playing in the NBA.

The debate about the players transitioning into other sports is as old as the sports coverage itself, with elite athletes, believing what they do is very difficult for anyone else to replicate. However, it is something that we will never get to know if it’s possible, or will we? Travis said, “It’s gonna be a debate that will never actually get fg proven right or wrong.” We do agree with that. What do you think? Do let us know in the comments.


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