Fans Rave Over Cup Series Star’s Unintentionally Leak About NASCAR’s Possible Return to Legendary Racetrack

Carson Hocevar may just be NASCAR’s counterpart to F1 driver Lando Norris. In a sense that he cannot keep a secret to save his life. A few years ago, Norris got into a spot of trouble with the McLaren team ahead of the car’s launch. This was because  he accidentally leaked the launch date on social media, prompting the team to quickly confirm said date. Now, Hocevar has seemingly blabbed a crucial piece of NASCAR information about a popular race track.

All this was during an iRacing session while driving a Mazda MX-5 and casually causing chaos. Apparently, he openly admitted that NASCAR was considering adding the Rockingham Speedway on the calendar. He said on Twitch, “Have I heard anything about next year’s schedule? Rockingham’s coming back, which is really cool. They’re finally going to take advantage of that one. Wasn’t there a rumour about it? Is that not breaking news? That’s not breaking news already, is it? Somebody’s already reported that. Well, now you know. This is a safe space.”

NASCAR fans couldn’t believe the potential casual spoilers being dropped


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Normally, such leaks wouldn’t be tolerated, especially in a top tier sport like NASCAR. However, some people found the situation wildly hilarious that someone on the inside was so blasé about tidbits on the future. One user tweeted, “Carson just so casually dumping multiple people while chatting about NASCAR and Rockingham while driving an MX5 at Tsukuba. Classic Carson.”


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Another fan pointed out his use of the word ‘safe space’ like he thought he would get away with it. They said, “@CarsonHocevar

this is a safe spaceProceeds to have someone record him and post this“. Some even dubbed him with a new nickname, “Carson ‘The Spoiler’ Hocevar“. They also expected that there would be consequences, with someone suggesting, “Carson about to be called to the NASCAR hauler for this one lol.

Many enjoyed the pure entertainment that Carson Hocevar was providing


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Earlier, Hocevar was back in the news, this time for the right reasons, as he campaigned for All-Star votes. He came out with a hilarious and creative one, seeking help from Kaz Grala, Austin Dillon, and Anthony Alfredo. Now it seems that this latest stunt of ‘accidentally’ letting slip the Rockingham news, is working in his favor.

One fan exclaimed, “This is why he has my vote for the All-Star Race“. Meanwhile, another said, “A vote for Carson is a vote for Rockingham“. Hopefully, all these little stunts work and Hocevar makes it onto the North Wilkesboro grid for the All-Star race. He failed to make it last time out and will be hoping to be second time lucky.


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