Tom Brady Took His Daughter to a Blackpink Concert and It Shows

In addition to being a quarterback and famous ex-husband, Tom Brady is also a dad. If you happened to have forgotten this fact, this picture of the NFL-er at a Blackpink concert, which he attended with his 10-year-old daughter, Vivian, will surely remind you. Don’t worry—Brady sees it too. 

A picture posted by Pop Base to Twitter on August 11 shows Brady in the stands at MetLife Stadium, taking in the sold-out show. The camera may have just caught him at an awkward moment, but the athlete’s expression—with his pursed lips and arms at his sides—is very much giving, “I would like to be elsewhere.” 

Brady seems pretty aware of this and laughed off the awkward expression with a joke in a quote-tweet. “This is the most ‘dad takes his daughter and her friends to a concert’ picture ever taken 😂😂😂,” he wrote, which is absolutely accurate. But hey, how many football games do we think Vivian has had to sit through when she would probably rather be practicing K-pop choreography or napping or something? Because I bet it’s a lot.

So Tom Brady isn’t a K-pop stan (yet), but he still deserves major dad points for taking his kid to the show. Maybe just pretend a little harder to have fun, next time, okay, daddy-o?


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