PUBG Mobile introduces the new Off-Roading Racing mode to commemorate the upcoming 19th Asian Games

Krafton has just kicked off a new Off-Road Racing mode in PUBG Mobile to celebrate the arrival of the upcoming 19th Asian Games. As countries compete against each other for the coveted gold medals, PUBGM players can also partake in high-octane races inspired by real-world sports like skydiving, off-roading, and target shooting.

PUBG Mobile’s Off-Road Racing mode puts four teams of four against each other in the ultimate race. It will take place in Miramar, following a multi-stage format, with each level featuring a unique set of challenges.

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Players begin the race by skydiving and landing in their starting positions, from where the Vehicle Racing Stage begins. In this phase, players must drive through four Check Stations before making their way to the finish line. There are multiple routes to success, and it is up to players to choose the right one while simultaneously maintaining the car’s balance.

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Each Check Station comes with a whole other challenge. Here, players will have their marksmanship skills tested as they shoot at moving, flying, and retracting targets. The checkpoint is cleared only after meeting the minimum required score. The faster this stage is completed, the closer they are to victory.

And of course, you can’t win a race without speed. While driving between Check Stations, players will find roadside targets that offer speed boosts for hitting them. This little burst of energy could very easily be the decider between first and second place as teams make a final dash for the finish line.

Krafton has also ensured that athletes participating in the 19th Asian Games get a taste of PUBG as well. A specially designed PUBGM version will be available during the tournament, giving participants a chance to go head-to-head in the off-road races.

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