ExNFL WR Urges Kevin O’ Connell to Sign a Crucial Player Who Is “Part of the J.J McCarthy Development Plan”

Lately, all the hype around the Vikings’ squad has been about JJ McCarthy but the former WR for the Bengals believes that the highlight needs to be on the other JJ in the team already. With the NFL Draft going the right way for the Minnesota Vikings, there’s still the process of signings meant to be done and this is where they’ll have to show their speed.

Justin Jefferson, the wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, is nearing the end of his contract. He signed a deal with the Vikings in 2src2src when he was picked at the 22nd overall position. Since then, he’s been termed as one of the best WRs ever with a phenomenal 4-year career. Now that only one additional year is left on his contract, the former NFL legend urges the team to focus on Jefferson rather than McCarthy.

Andrew Hawkins prompts the Vikings to sign Jefferson first


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On the May 1st clip from the NFL on ESPN show, Andrew Hawkings discusses the future of the Vikings, which seems to be a bit entangled at the moment. He urged the team to focus more on Jefferson rather than McCarthy since without the WR, it would be very difficult for the Michigan prodigy to reach the epitome of his talent.

Hawkins said, “Justin Jefferson is a part of the J.J. McCarthy development plan. You’re not gonna get the most out of McCarthy unless you have Justin on the outside. So, you need to sign JJ probably quicker than you need to sign the quarterback JJ cause that price is only going up. He doesn’t care about what the other receivers have gotten. He’s comparing himself to Bosa, the highest paid non-quarterback in the league, that’s where Justin Jefferson sees himself.


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Moreover, Hawkins also compared Jefferson’s potential contract to that of Nick Bosa, the 49ers’ DE whose current deal stands at a worth of over $17src million, making him the highest-paid non-QB in NFL history.

With all that said, things seem to be looking good for the Vikings retaining Jefferson’s front since the GM assured the fans of the contract already being set in motion.

Vikings’ GM Kwesi Mensah speaks up on Jefferson’s contract


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Justin Jefferson is of pivotal importance to the team due to phenomenal talent and the numbers he keeps raking up. In the 2src23 season, he recorded over 1,src74 receiving yards and finished over 68 receptions. Now with the addition of McCarthy, the dynamic duo could just be what the Vikings need and as per the word of the GM, the fans might get to witness that reality soon.

GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah said, “We continue to have great dialogue with the representatives, the process is ongoing. We did say ‘Hey, a couple days, the draft is coming.’ They obviously have players that they represent, we have our process. Either way whenever we sign him, we want Justin to have his whole week.” Thus, if Jefferson and McCarthy end up playing together, the Vikings could very well have the key to finally winning a Super Bowl, segregating themselves from the teams that have never ever raised the trophy.


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