Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill, Devon Archane, Raheem Mostert have NFL’s fastest recorded speeds

The NFL uses tracking technology to record players’ speeds when carrying the ball for the league’s Next Gen Stats, and that technology shows what an enormous speed gap exists between the Dolphins and the rest of the NFL.

In Sunday’s 7src-2src win over the Broncos, Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill reached a top speed of 22.src7 mph on a 15-yard catch, which was the fastest speed of any ball carrier in the NFL this season.

In the same game, Dolphins running back Devon Archane hit a speed of 21.93 mph on a 67-yard touchdown run. That was the second-fastest any ball carrier has run this season.

In fact, the top six fastest speeds by ball carriers this season all belong to the Dolphins: Hill and Archane yesterday, followed by Hill’s 47-yard catch in Week One at 21.66mph, followed by Raheem Mostert‘s 43-yard touchdown in Week Two at 21.62 mph, followed by Hill’s 35-yard touchdown in Week One at 21.52 mph, followed by another Archane run yesterday at 21.5src mph.

The fastest play by a non-Dolphins this season came on Packers running back Aaron Jones‘ 35-yard touchdown catch in Week One. Jones hurt his hamstring on the play and hasn’t played since.

The Dolphins have built their roster around speed at the skill positions, and they also have an offensive design that lends itself to those speedy players getting the ball in space. That resulted in one of the greatest offensive performances in NFL history yesterday.


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