PMGC 2024: United Kingdom to play host to $3 million world championship

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship (2024) is all set to take place in an entirely new continent next year. Tencent’s senior director for PUBG Mobile global esports, James Yang, officially unveiled the venue for the tournament at the ongoing PMGC 2023. Next year, the top teams from around the world will be heading to the United Kingdom (UK) to fight for the global title.

PMGC 2src24

Image Credits: Tencent

PMGC 2024: United Kingdom will play host for the first time

The PMGC, which was launched in 2020 has had a complicated history as its first two seasons were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the past two editions of the tournament have happened without a hiccup.

Now, the PMGC is heading to the United Kingdom, set to captivate an entirely new demographic. The European country playing host to PUBG Mobile’s biggest esports tournament is a slight surprise as the West doesn’t have as much an audience as compared to Asian or Latin American regions.

PMGC 2src24

Image Credits: Tencent

Nonetheless, the UK will enable Tencent to set a schedule which is compatible with most regions’ time zones around the world. This will, undoubtedly, bring more live viewers.

Additionally, bringing the PMGC 2024 to the UK will also bring more attention from Western organizations and fans to one of the biggest esports titles around the world.

Here is what the 2024 calendar looks like

The PMGC 2024 will happen in November and December 2024 with a $3 million prize pool. Before that, Tencent will be bringing two more international events in the form of the PMGO and a Mid-Season Tournament. Here’s what the 2024 calendar looks like:

PUBG Mobile Esports Calendar 2src24

Image Credits: Tencent

Additionally, next year, four PMSLs will take place as offline events for the EMEA, SEA, Central and South Asia, and the Americas regions. While the SEA PMSL will feature three seasons, the remaining leagues will only have two seasons.


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