Most-Loved WTA Star Joins Hands With Naomi Osaka as the Duo Takes $100,000,000 Inspiration From Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian to Make a Giant Sporting Move

In a world where sports, passion, and fairness come together, something big is happening. Tennis stars Ons Jabeur and Naomi Osaka have joined hands to make a real difference for women in sports. It’s been three years since Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian’s investment in Angel City set the stage, and now, Jabeur and Osaka are taking the spotlight. His decision to invest in a women’s soccer club has resulted in a grand success, as the team is now worth over $100 million.

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Their goal? To make women’s sports even better and to make sure everyone gets the same opportunities. This isn’t just about investing—it’s about showing how strong and amazing women can be, and their partnership is a new chapter that’s just beginning.

A new chapter in Women’s sports advocacy, courtesy of Ons Jabeur and Osaka


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The dynamic duo has announced their joint ownership of the National Women’s Soccer League’s North Carolina Courage, solidifying their commitment to advancing women’s sports and promoting equality. At the US Open Media Day, Jabeur shared her happiness about joining the team. “Finally, Naomi accepted me in the team,” Jabeur jokingly said. This partnership has been on Jabeur’s radar since she became part of Osaka’s management company, Evolve. A big fan of soccer, Jabeur said she’d been wanting to invest in a team like this for a while, as reported by WTA.

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The resonance between tennis and soccer in the context of equal pay is not lost on Jabeur. As the US Open commemorates 50 years of gender pay equality, Jabeur draws parallels between the strides made in tennis and the ongoing battle for equal pay in women’s soccer. “I believe that we deserve more. Especially in tennis, it’s great that we have equal prize money at the Grand Slams, but I feel like other tournaments, it needs to be better, for sure.” the Wimbledon finalist stated.

Alexis Ohanian from being a latecomer to enthusiast


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Surprisingly, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian is also part of Women’s soccer club investment journey. He’s a big supporter of women’s soccer. In an honest talk with ESPN reporter Fernando Palomo, Ohanian strongly said, “The value of being associated with these women… is a greater brand value than being associated with their male counterparts.” Ohanian surely meant what he said as the team he has invested in is now worth over $100 million.

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Ohanian, who’s also involved in a soccer-related startup named Gloria, admitted he became a soccer fan a bit late. However, watching the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup quarterfinal between the US and France changed that. Not only did he become a soccer fan, but he also realized that women’s soccer had a lot of untapped potential and opportunities.


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In an era marked by changing perceptions and evolving norms, the Jabeur-Osaka partnership signifies a monumental shift in women’s sports ownership.

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