MapleStory has just released the New Age: 6 update, one of its biggest ones yet


MapleStory has just released the New Age: 6 update, one of its biggest ones yet

Nexon has just released a massive update for MapleStory, which happens to be the side-scrolling 2D MMORPG’s biggest update in years. It is bringing with it a brand new era of gameplay and has been titled New Age: 6 and New Age: Into the Abyss. The patch transports players into a new reboot world, where there is a new main in-game event and lots more to do.

MapleStory’s New Age: 6 update kicks off with the return of the Hyper Burning and Burning World events. It makes getting to level 260 for the 6th Job advancement much easier as players can gain two extra levels for each level up during Hyper Burning. In the Burning World event, players will be able to get their hands on skills exclusive to this world alongside other rewards.

Speaking of the 6th Job advancement, this new feature is a result of the merging of Maple World and Grandis into one world because of the Convergence incident. It resulted from the disappearance of the Black Mage and caused the release of a mysterious new power called Sol Erda. The 6th Job Advancement story will help players control this new force.


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Skills are managed through the Hexa Matric which is subdivided into Hexa Skills and Hexa Stats. The Origin Skill comes with a new and powerful cutscene that looks absolutely stunning. Mastery Node in the Skills section allows players to enhance core skills from 4th or earlier jobs, whereas the Stats bit paves the way for obtaining and upgrading in-game stats like boss damage and critical damage.

Meanwhile, Iden Island and Tisk Island have also combined to form another mysterious landmass. Identisk is the new island, which players will be able to explore throughout the winter. Bucketloads of goodies will be granted to them as they take part in various challenges.

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