Lil Wayne Joins Skip Bayless on “Undisputed”

Lil Wayne is in talks to co-host the popular sports show, Undisputed alongside Skip Bayless on Fox Sports 1. Shannon Sharpe, who previously co-hosted the show with Bayless, will no longer be a part of the program. According to Bayless, the New Orleans rapper will join the show every Friday for a 12-15 minute segment. 

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Lil Wayne’s addition to Undisputed comes after the announcement of Shannon Sharpe’s departure. Sharpe revealed that he would leave the show after the 2023 NBA Finals, making it his last episode as co-host alongside Bayless. 

As the news of the rap legend joining the sports show emerges, Bayless has spoken highly of the rapper, stating, “My brother Wayne is at least into the relaunch as I am. He is heart and soul into the relaunch.”

Although Lil Wayne will participate in the show weekly, there may be occasions when he’s unable to join the program in the Los Angeles studio due to his busy touring schedule. Despite this potential hurdle, the Sorry 4 The Wait artist’s involvement will captivate viewers and add a unique perspective to the show’s discussions.

Lil Wayne’s talent has extended beyond the realm of music, as he is set to be featured in an upcoming rap documentary titled Mixtape, which is scheduled for release in the fall. The documentary will explore his influence on the rap industry and shed light on his career. 

This venture further showcases Lil Wayne’s versatility as an artist and his ability to make an impact in various creative outlets.

In the realm of entertainment, Lil Baby recently released a new single titled “Merch Madness.” The accompanying music video for the song served as a charity celebration, highlighting the success of a $20 million Fanatics giveaway.

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