Jaguars’ ‘next level’ hydration-measuring urinals goes viral after ‘NFL Red Zone’ video

NFL teams are always looking for ways to get healthy. The Jaguars have made going to the bathroom an exercise in monitoring.

“NFL Red Zone’s” Scott Hanson called out the Jaguars’ futuristic facilities on Monday. When he went to go to the bathroom, Hanson talked about the “next level” bathrooms, where the urinals measure the hydration levels of whoever uses them.

It’s certainly a creative way to ensure players are staying healthy. Per Hanson, the system is simple: Green is good, yellow needs work, red is bad.

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Jags new Practice Facility “facilities” are *next level…

(& I know a thing or 2 about bathroom breaks)

— Scott Hanson (@ScottHanson) August 7, 2023

“That’s a sensor,” Hanson began. “That will measure your hydration level. If a light turns green when you go, you’re good. If it’s yellow, you need to hydrate some more. If it’s red, you’re probably gonna get a notice from the athletic trainers to maybe have an IV.”

It’s a bit more elegant than the previously accepted system of “clear is good and yellow is bad,” although possibly redundant. It’s no Tom Herman chart.

Tom Herman did it first.

— Matt Froehlich (@Matt_Fra_) August 7, 2023

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The Jaguars have put a lot of emphasis on culture in the past year: They made the playoffs in Doug Pederson’s first season after a disastrous tenure with Urban Meyer that didn’t even last a full season.

The Jaguars are hoping to make the most of former No. 1 pick Trevor Lawrence while he’s still on his rookie deal. If this system prevents cramping or keeps players healthy in any way, it’s worthwhile.

Even if it does seem like a bit much.


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