Dusk of Dragons: Survivors, Core Games’ anticipated sandbox survival game, is just a few days aways from release


Dusk of Dragons: Survivors, Core Games' anticipated sandbox survival game, is just a few days aways from release

Core Games has been working on the survival sandbox game, Dusk of Dragons: Survivors for a few years now. Eager fans needn’t wait too long anymore as the title is just days away from release on iOS and Android. The game transports players back into the past, to a medieval-themed world full of magic.

In Dusk of Dragons, players will set foot in an unforgiving world that will put their survival skills to the test. The game is a culmination of medieval-age kingdoms, fire-breathing dragons, and powerful enchantments that combine to create an adventure players won’t forget. It’s all about adaptability because of the violent weather, treacherous traps, and hungry zombies that will stop at nothing.

But players need not worry about simultaneously battling so many things. That’s where the real magic comes in – dragons. Players will be responsible for raising and nurturing these creatures so that they become forces to be reckoned with. Each dragon has unique abilities and combining their skillsets will help defeat any army.

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In addition to these dragons, players can form bonds with other survivors as well. Alliances between friends, squires, and dragons can be forged in order to conquer the challenge that lies ahead. Co-op gameplay will also unlock thrills and treasures that cannot be accessed solo. The Lonewolf kind of players will absolutely love the shelter system, which allows them to create their very own camp based on their imagination.

Dusk of Dragons: Survivors will release on the App Store and Google Play on September 1st. Players can pre-register using either of the links given below and earn several exclusive rewards. Those that were part of the open beta can pick up where they left off as progress will not be wiped when the game launches.

Tanish Botadkar

Tanish Botadkar

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