LeBron James Continues “Tough” Holiday Tradition With NFL Legend on Christmas Eve

Every team or player has their own Christmas Eve traditions when the holidays come along. This ‘tradition’ is not something that is limited to just the NBA. Many players from different leagues have their own traditions when it comes to Christmas or any other holiday where they have a specific tradition.

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And LeBron James’ Christmas Eve tradition is something that he indulges in off the court. The title may suggest that James may be playing football with an NFL legend and you may be half right after all.

LeBron James and his Christmas tradition


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LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers are one of the many teams that will be suiting up for a Christmas Day game. The Lakers will be taking part in one of the most epic matchups that have happened in the history of the NBA.

The Lakers will be facing the Boston Celtics and this is a game that many fans would have their eyes glued to. But prior to such games, James had his own ways of loosening up to perform at a high level.

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This time, instead of listening to music or indulging in a book, James decided to throw it down with NFL legend Dez Bryant on Madden. James and Bryant shared a hilarious series of jabs on X.

The interaction started when Dez Bryant went on X to announce, ..@KingJames just smacked me in madden twice! OMG I NEED MY FADE BACK ASAP!” James could not help but bask in the glory of his victory and leave laughing emojis underneath this post.


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