Draymond Green Allegedly Called Poole ‘Bitch’ at Practice Before Punch

Draymond Green
Allegedly Called Poole ‘Bitch’ At Practice …
Angered Over Recent Cocky Behavior Around Team

10/8/2022 1:00 AM PT

Jordan Poole is set for a big contract extension with the Golden State Warriors — something he’s supposedly made known around the team’s facilities — and it’s the reason things boiled over with Draymond GreenTMZ Sports has learned.

Sources who were at the practice where Green punched Poole tell us … in the days leading up to the incident, Poole was carrying himself differently — in a cocky manner. The alleged behavior was creating friction between him and some of his teammates, including Draymond, who has reportedly also asked for a big extension.

Fast forward to Wednesday’s practice. Our sources on site say Poole called several fouls during a scrimmage, and Draymond called him a “bitch” multiple times as a result.

Things escalated when Poole allegedly said, “You know what it is, Draymond.” — seemingly bragging over the contract situation — and Draymond got in Poole’s face, allegedly saying, “No I don’t know, what is it?”

Then, as played out in video obtained by TMZ Sports, you see Poole push Draymond back, and Draymond delivers the blow to his teammate’s jaw.

Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala and head coach Steve Kerr came to Poole’s defense earlier this week … denying his attitude had anything to do with the altercation.

Golden State Warriors

In fact, Steph went as far as to say it was “absolute BS” … but our sources are adamant the team is trying to save face.

As for the Warriors, the organization has remained tight-lipped after the video was posted … and the NBA has yet to address the incident.


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