“Analytics Department Have Ruin Sports”: Shannon Sharpe Drops the Hammer of Blunt Critique on Football Coaches and the World of Analytics

Shannon Sharpe has once again dropped a powerful insight into the world of the NFL about Analytics and football coaches. As the Buffalo Bills triumph over the New York Giants in a 14-9 game, the former Denver Broncos tight end has something to say about the world of analytics and football coaches. 

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On Sunday night’s game between the 4-2 Bills and 1-5 Giants, the Bills won in a dramatic style with star players James Cook and Latavius Murray. And as the Bills celebrate their victory, the 55-year-old former NFL star drops an interesting view on the Analytics department and coaches’ role in it.

Shannon Sharpe leaves raw feedback on the Analytics department and football coaches


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In a live video with Chad Johnson, Shannon Sharpe unveiled his opinion about football coaches and how their overthinking is getting in their own ways. Following the recent game between the Bills and Giants, the 3-time Super Bowl champion opined, “Coaches are overthinking it. Analytics department has ruined sports because there’s a way, you do this and you get a 50% chance of losing. 

He goes on to say, “But it doesn’t take it to account momentum. And what if it all it gives you is if you go here, this is what happens, if you score here, this is what happens? What about the tide turning? What about the momentum in the ball game? These coaches are getting in their own way.

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With several turns of events in college football this season, what if Shannon Sharpe is right when he said that it’s the coaches who are getting in their own way?

The Bills beat the Giants in the Sunday Night Game

It was a close win for the Buffalo Bills as Josh Allen led his team to a 14-9 victory on Sunday night. Bills safety Micah Hyde commented on the game, “That was wild. Got the W. Just fortunate to get the win.” The Buffalo Bills will now go further into the season with 4-2 while the Giants face another losing streak. 


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This is the fourth defeat for the New York Giants, aside from their lone win against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 2. Heartbroken Giants head coach Brian Daboll said, “We came up a yard short. You don’t get trophies for trying. But I appreciate their efforts.

And as the Bills and Giants part ways, their upcoming games will bring more thrill to the bleachers. The Giants will face the Commanders at MetLife Stadium, while the Bills will visit Foxborough for an exciting matchup with the Patriots. Stay tuned for more. 


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