2024 NFL Mock Draft: Jaguars, Saints add defensive playmakers in ‘With the First Pick’ joint edition

Two CBS Sports draft experts joined a former NFL GM to go through every first-round pick

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CBS Sports NFL Draft analysts Ryan Wilson and Josh Edwards have been doing mock drafts since the beginning of the regular season. Rick Spielman has more than three decades of NFL scouting experience, including 10 years as the Minnesota Vikings general manager.

Put them together, and you have the first joint 2024 NFL mock draft from the “With the First Pick” podcast.

For those unfamiliar, “With the First Pick” is a podcast that covers the NFL Draft all year around. Twice a week, co-hosts Wilson and Spielman discuss top prospects, team needs and everything else to get you ready for the three-day event in April. You can find “With the First Pick” wherever you get your podcasts: Apple PodcastsSpotifyYouTube, etc. Listen to the latest episode below!

In this first joint mock draft, Wilson, Spielman and Edwards took turns making first-round picks, and there were no trades. The draft order was determined using Tankathon, which uses records and strength of schedule as a tiebreaker. (NOTE: For recording purposes, the draft order was determined prior to the Week 5 “Monday Night Football” game between the Packers and Raiders.)

Now let’s get to the picks! 

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