Upcoming Survival Title “Nightingale” To Hold a Server Stress Test This Friday

The much-hyped survival fantasy title ‘Nightingale’ is holding a server stress test for a limited number of players this Friday.

“Nightingale’ is a fantasy survivor game developed by Inflexion Games, which is planned to release in February next month. Inflexion Games is a studio by ex Mass Effect developer Aaron Flynn, and the latest survival with neo-victorian elements have generated a lot of hype across the gaming community.

The game combines elements of survival such as crafting and building things, while players will have the ability to travel through a vast open world filled with portals and many magical entities.

To load the servers to the maximum for a shorter span of time, the developer team at Inflexion Games is holding a 3 hour playtest on February 2 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM GMT.

The game will be available to download an hour earlier at 5 pm GMT, while the servers will be open to play from 6 pm GMT. players should note that the first hour would be just merely listing to play the game, and will have to wait an hour to have access to the game’s server.

Nightingale Server Stress Test to last for 3 Hours

Players will be granted access to the playtest in waves AKA ‘batches’, so the dev team at Inflexion will properly be able to assess a large influx of players joining the servers at once versus the netcode performing when batches of players load the servers one by one.

We’ve wondered why the short duration for the playtest? Well, Inflexion Games has an answer to that, as the very reason behind this playtest is to allow the servers to load with the maximum amount of players.i.e server stress test, the data gathered in which will help them to improve the servers when the game goes live for a full fledged release.

The game is set to feature a list of different realms across different biome type, which include the desert, forest, and the swamp.

Players will enter a tailored version of Nightingale’s early game experience that will skip through the tutorial and will have every single Realmwalker equipped with upgraded gear and tool equivalent to what a typical player can make by playing the game for 10 hours. Players will be able to immediately join and play together with friends in the Realms. Each player within a server match or a “Realm’ will be called a Realmwalker in the game.

“This will be a different experience than what players will encounter when they first enter the Realms on February 22, but we wanted the stress test to offer a few more tools and resources at an earlier stage in the journey to give players more of a taste of what’s to come ahead of our launch later in the month.” said Nightingale through the blog post.

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Nightingale is slated to launch in late February next month, and as fans of the survival genre, we’re lucky to have a list of such titles releasing in 2024, starting with Palworld and Enshrouded.

Participants will receive an email from Steam, but the quickest way to check is to refresh the Nightingale Steam page periodically after 10:00 am MT or 5:00 pm GMT on Friday, February 2.

Nightingale is scheduled to launch for players through early access on Thursday, February 22. Fans should note that upon launch ,the game will remain in early access from 9 to 12 months until the developer team feels that the game is ready for a full fledged 1.0 release. However, the ‘early access’ wont be restricted to a limited number of players, and players can sign up for the early access and more importantly, for the recent playtest on Friday via Steam.

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