Nightingale Status Effects Explained

Here’s a comprehensive guide with all the Nightingale status effects explained

Nightingale is a brand new survival multiplayer PVE game, developed by Inflexion Games and released on 20th February 2024. Despite the game being on early access, players can get a very thorough understanding of what the full game will be able to offer regardless. Nightingale follows a similar formula to other survival games, with mechanics like crafting, hunting and gathering resources, blended in with the unique multi-dimensional realm traversing world of Fae.

Another kinship to survival games is status effects, each of which have different effects to the player, usually harming the player’s wellbeing or debuffing a stat or two. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at how you get afflicted with the status effects, what they do and how to avoid them.

Tired/Fatigue Effect

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When the blue meter below your health bar gets too low, your character will be afflicted with the ‘tired’ status effect, but in simple words, they’ll basically be fatigued. When this happens, your character’s stamina regeneration will slow down, along with capping off a portion of the stamina bar as well. To alleviate this, you can take a Short Rest or Long Rest on a bed or drink a Restful Potion, and you’ll feel well rested in no time.


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Hunger is something that’s prevalent in all survival games, and Nightingale follows the same formula. This happens when you don’t eat anything for a long period of time, and will affect your health regeneration. Worst case scenario is that you’ll even starve to death! To prevent this, keep an eye out on the green meter and make sure it’s filled up all the time by keeping stocked up on food and consuming them from time to time.


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When traveling across particularly hot environments, especially desert biomes, your character will get afflicted with the ‘Hot’ status effect. No, it does not make your player more romantically attractive, but it will cut your stamina by half and slow down the regeneration as well, similar to being tired. So make sure you have an umbrella with you when you know you’re gonna explore biomes/environments like these to prevent the hot status effect. Not to mention, drinking a Frosting Potion will also alleviate the effect.


Similar to the hot status effect, you can get afflicted with Cold if you run around in the night for too long. This will cause your maximum HP to be reduced by around 30%. Obviously, this is an issue so make sure to find a nearby fire source like a Torch or a campfire to warm up your body and alleviate the Cold status effect.


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Pretty self-explanatory, but your character will get wet when you enter an environment that’s raining, or if you go for a swim in the water. Similar to the Tired and Hot status effects, the stamina bar will be cut down by 50% and will regenerate slower. And just like the Hot status, you can stave off the Wet effect by carrying an umbrella with you. Otherwise, you can also stand near a campfire to dry off the water.


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Rain can turn into a hailstorm, and it’s slightly more deadly, as the Hail status effect will slowly do damage over time to your health, and affect your weapon’s durability. You can also prevent this by bringing out your umbrella or finding temporary shelter till the hailstorm passes away.


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Diseases occur when you swim through green, murky, poisonous water, which will make your character sick. Much like other games, the Poison status effect will slowly chip away your health as well. You can drink a Curative potion to cure yourself.


Nightingale also has an injury mechanic, which will affect your player’s movement. This can happen during a large fall or when taking a blow from a creature. To alleviate any injury, simply use the Injury Salve.

Death Curse

As deadly as it sounds, the Death Curse reduces your carrying capacity and possibly kills you after a period of time as well. Not much is known about the effect at the time of writing this article, but you can cure it by drinking a Purifying Potion.

That concludes our article explaining all the different status effects in Nightingale. Some of them are pretty unique compared to other games, whereas the rest are akin to all other survival games. Either way, having a clear knowledge about what each of these afflictions do and how to prevent them will help you have a much easier time with the game, especially in combat and exploration.

We wish you success in your intergalactic journeys, and if you want to check out more of our Nightingale content, then check out this guide on all the enemy types in Nightingale.

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