Nightingale All Bosses and How to Beat Them

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Let’s talk about Nightingale all bosses discovered in the game so far

Nightingale is the newly released survival game by Inflexion Games. It came out on February 20 and is set in the Victorian era in a gaslamp fantasy world. It has single-player and multiplayer modes with RPG and exploration elements which has been well-received by players.

With an open world and many characters to interact with, players have taken a special interest in the higher-level enemy bosses. In Nightingale, these bosses are different from the Apex Creatures which you can run into while exploring the open world.

So, let’s take a deep dive into all the bosses discovered in Nightingale so far.

The bosses in Nightingale tend to be quite difficult. Defeating them alone is not impossible, but it is advised to take them on in multiplayer to make the experience less difficult. You will also need high gear ratings to beat every boss, so make sure you put on your best items and weapons.

Let’s take a look at all the bosses in the game.

Fabled Automaton Knight

The Fabled Automaton Knight appears in the inner sanctum of the Antiquarian Site of Power. It spawns just after you activate the altar mechanism, so it is wise to not flip the switch till you get ready for the fight. Make sure to regenerate all your stamina and health before getting into the fight.

Since it is an early game boss you will run into, you shouldn’t have a hard time with it. Its mechanics are very simple. The only thing that might slow you down is the early-game gear you will have.

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Credit: Inflexion Games

The Knight glides around the arena and strikes with a super fast dash. It also has a Magick sword which can slash your armor and health in a single shot. If you are within its striking range, be ready to dodge out of the way.

The best strategy to go against the Fabled Automaton Knight is to keep your distance and slowly chip at its health with ranged attacks. If it tries chasing you, pull out the maul and give it a smack. After the hit, make sure you roll out of the way to dodge its counter.

After destroying the Knight, you can retrieve the Nightingale Essence Dust from the altar in Hope Echo and talk to Puck who will give you the Antiquarian Card.

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