“Hard to Digest”: Stephen Curry Stood Behind Controversial Star Colin Kaepernick, Revealed $3.6 Billion Worth NFL Team’s “Very Big Missed Opportunity”

The world was in shock during 2016 following the police brutality faced by people on an everyday basis. Things eventually got so out of hand that celebrities and professional athletes too took a stand on such social injustice. Players from the NBA and NFL started to protest against the injustice and the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ really took off back in the day.

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Numerous NBA players were a part of this movement. And NFL’s Colin Kaepernick was one who took it a step further in that direction, leaving all the fame and money behind. And Stephen Curry not only supported him but also believed that this $3.6 billion NFL team made a big mistake in giving up on him.

Stephen Curry gave his views on Colin Kaepernick


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Colin Kaepernick was one of the leading players in the NFL back then. However, during all the social injustice, Kaepernick decided to take a knee during the National Anthem prior to games and this had him blackballed from the league.

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Since then, Kaepernick has not played in the NFL. In fact, he has become a social activist and advocate for social justice issues. During an old interview, Stephen Curry was asked to give his views on Colin Kaepernick.

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In the interview with the CharlotteObserver, Curry was asked if the Carolina Panthers should’ve signed Kaepernick , given their problems at the quarterback position. Curry who has been an avid supporter of Colin had this to say. 

“Every team should have. It’s hard to kind of digest the why nots, and the reasons why. So, a very big missed opportunity there for sure.”


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The social unrest of 2016

Numerous professional athletes were disgusted by the actions faced by the general public. Especially the African-American community. And given that professional leagues have a big chunk of that community, it was natural that it would cause social unrest.

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Colin Kaepernick too was one who could not stand the brutality and injustice faced by the general public. And so he decided to use his platform and reach in the hopes of making things better and spreading awareness.

Unfortunately, the league kind of blackballed Kaepernick, and since then he has not received any offers from any teams. Given how talented he was, it surely is a shame that he was thrown out of the league the way he was.


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