2024 NFL Free Agency: Top Values at Every Position for Teams to Target This Offseason

To be clear, this year’s crop of free-agent tight ends isn’t all that impressive—especially after Dalton Schultz re-upped with the Houston Texans. NFL teams with a need at the position will have to either look to the draft or try to talk themselves into a low-ceiling veteran like Hunter Henry or Gerald Everett.

It’s either that or the bargain bin. And teams looking to add a tight end on the cheap might want to take a look at Mike Gesicki.

Gesicki’s lone year with the New England Patriots was disappointing—just 29 catches for 244 yards and two scores. Gesicki admitted to reporters that he didn’t meet his own expectations in 2src23.

“I had a lot of high expectations for myself coming in here, and I’m just disappointed that I couldn’t, or didn’t, leave more of a mark on the field,” Gesicki said. “Whether it was some of the circumstances, whether it was opportunity, whether it was — we got a lot of playmakers in this building [and] there’s only one football. But I did have high expectations for myself. I hold myself to a high standard, and I would have loved to make more plays and be the guy that I know I am, and a lot of these coaches, which is why they brought me here.”


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