Wreck League by nWay Includes Yuga Labs NFTs!

Game developer and publisher nWay has made an exciting announcement about its upcoming project, Wreck League. This Web3-powered multiplayer fighting game is set to revolutionize esports by allowing players to build, own, and fight Mechs in exhilarating combat scenarios! Plus, this game will also include four Yuga Labs collections. Let’s take a closer look.

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nWay Introduces Wreck League!

Wreck League introduces a groundbreaking concept to the traditional fighting game genre. Instead of being limited to a predefined roster of fighters, players can now generate their own Mech fighters. With over 1.5 quadrillion possible unique combinations, the creative potential is virtually limitless. Set to launch in September, the game will include four Yuga Labs collections.

So, where does Yuga Labs come in? Well, players can collect Mech Parts, which are NFTs, and assemble them to mint full Mech character NFTs. In its first season, launching in September, the game will incorporate four Yuga Labs collections: Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Bored Ape Kennel Club, and Otherside Kodas. So, rare Yugaverse Mechs will be available to enhance gameplay, adding an exclusive element to in-game achievements. The player community will consist of creators, owners, and skilled players who can form teams to compete in league events. Furthermore, players can disassemble and customize their Mechs endlessly, ensuring a high level of creativity and personalization. The best Mech creators are expected to team up with skilled players for high-stakes competitions

A New Approach to Gaming

What sets Wreck League apart is its innovative approach to gaming. The game will offer two versions: Web2 and Web3. The hybrid model aims to attract a diverse audience. It does this by avoiding complicated blockchain jargon and welcoming both traditional gamers and Web3 enthusiasts.

Taehoon Kim, CEO of nWay, expressed the game’s mission, saying, “Wreck League is a hybrid Web3 and Web2 project. Our aim is to unite the communities and players, leveraging the creative potential of the Web3 community to continuously enhance the game’s content. With our expertise in competitive fighting games, we are confident in delivering a well rounded experience that has the potential to truly combine both the Web3 and Web2 gamer communities by creating a symbiotic relationship between the two groups.”

The Web3 version offers players an exciting two-week leaderboard tournament that starts with Mech minting. Participants can battle at specific times, earning or losing points based on their victories or defeats. When the tournament ends the game will give out on-chain prizes. These include special 1of1 NFTs for top players and various rewards for the top 30,000 players, including mech sets, legendary boxes, and also mech parts.

In addition to the Web3 version that requires Mech NFT ownership, Wreck League will also feature a Web2 free-to-play (F2P) version. This strategic move aims to bridge the gap between the Web3 and traditional gaming communities, attracting a broader player base. The F2P version will offer daily missions, a battle pass, and also an in-game store.

With its blend of creative gameplay, ownership of digital assets, and competitive multiplayer action, Wreck League could reshape the esports landscape and create a thrilling and vibrant gaming community.

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