What’s next for the Big Ten after adding Oregon and Washington?

The Big Ten made a move on Friday that ensures its status as one of the two superconferences in college sports and more specifically, college football. Adding Oregon and Washington is absolutely massive for the Big Ten.

And it leaves every other conference, with the exception of the SEC, in its fumes.

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But what now for the Big Ten? And what does the addition of UCLA, USC and now Friday’s news drop about Oregon and Washington mean for the Big Ten? It means almost certain death for the Pac-12, that much is certain.

At the end of Friday, the Big Ten stood at 18 member institutions with the additions of Oregon and Washington. Going to 20 schools seems to make the most sense.

These schools all need to have a few basics in order to get these two coveted spots:

  • AAU membership
  • Be in a desirable media market for future television network deals
  • Have viable football and basketball programs

What are the schools make the most sense for the Big Ten now? Notre Dame obviously if the Fighting Irish want in…but that doesn’t look likely to happen anytime soon. So what other programs make the most sense for the Big Ten? 

Scroll down and find out!

6. Clemson

Any possibility the Big Ten wants to get to 20 and add Florida State and Clemson? Just thinking out loud because that’s what we do in a world that makes little sense anymore

— Andrea Adelson (@aadelsonESPN) August 4, 2023

It might seem foolish to have Clemson this low on the list. After all, Dabo Swinney has been a juggernaut with the Tigers.

But Clemson, while boasting a great football program over the past decade and solid results in hoops (and some very good Olympic sports), may not be the best fit for the Big Ten.

First, they are not an AAU member, which has been a necessity for Big Ten membership. Second, they don’t bring an enticing television market. This is the big knock here.

Now, is it a strong and passionate fanbase? Absolutely. But South Carolina doesn’t boast a top 40 television market, which is crucial for television deals. That may be a non-starter here as the Big Ten looks to stockpile markets in the college football arms race.

5. Kansas

Kansas to the Big Ten? SMU to the Pac-12? 5 Expansion Ideas https://t.co/5fYPFcgbpi

— Mike Farrell (@mfarrellsports) August 2, 2023

The ranking here for Kansas is less about what they bring to the table and more about a willingness to move conferences. A member of the Big 12, Kansas just may not want to move right now.

After all, the Big 12 is shrewdly expanding and isn’t in a bad spot in all of this.

But if Kansas wants to move, they would be an attractive Midwestern market with a football team on the up and a basketball program that is a blueblood in the sport.

They may not want to move, but watch out for Kansas in this one.

4. Florida State

Top 10 Remaining Non SEC / Big Ten Schools that generate the most revenue:

1. Notre Dame

2. Florida State

3. Virginia

4. Clemson

5. Oregon

6. Washington

7. Louisville

8. Arizona

9. Arizona State

10. North Carolina

Big Ten will obviously prioritize adding FSU & ND.

— Ohio State Football Recruiting (@OhioStateFBChat) August 4, 2023

Florida State should be on top of the list, right? This ranking has as much to do with where the Seminoles could be heading then any Big Ten interest.

In terms of football, Florida State is a national brand. There are also solid basketball programs as well as strong Olympic sports to consider here. Florida is a growing state and Florida State would bring a lot of potential television sets with the move.

But is the Big Ten the most enticing program were Florida State to leave the ACC? It would seem that culturally, the SEC would be a better fit.

Florida State is not an AAU member either, which might hurt their credentials.

3. North Carolina

ACC, such as Florida State, Clemson, Miami or North Carolina.https://t.co/4oPtkztU92 https://t.co/7ypx2a1aqS

— Big Ten information. College football fan (@Genetics56) August 4, 2023

The Tar Heels check off almost every box, from a desirable television market to strong football and basketball programs as well as AAU membership. Their Olympic sports are very strong and would add to the Big Ten in a major way.

So what’s not to like about North Carolina?

No, that wasn’t rhetorical. Seriously, what’s not to like about the Tar Heels joining the Big Ten? They would fit in almost every way. This one seems like a no-brainer. They aren’t as big of a media market as the top two choices on this list, that is literally the only reason why North Carolina isn’t higher.

2. Stanford

If we’re just breaking up traditional rivalries without care, Big Ten should get it over with and get Notre Dame (I know, I know) and Stanford.

— Bill Bender (@BillBender92) August 4, 2023

Like North Carolina, the possibility of Stanford joining the Big Ten makes sense. With the Pac-12 hemorrhaging right now, Stanford is looking to find the best fit.

And right now, the Big Ten and the SEC are the best fits.

Stanford has two important factors in play: AAU membership along with the Bay Area television market. Football and men’s basketball) haven’t been very good as of late but the Big Ten has shown a willingness to be patient with new members.

So why are they so high up the list? Much like when Rutgers and Maryland joined the Big Ten in 2014, it was all about location. Stanford brings a top 10 television market and they fit in culturally. Enough said.

1. Miami

When Miami joins the Big Ten pic.twitter.com/wdKCGNjbeE

— Jared Kight (@Jarebear81787) August 4, 2023

The biggest prize in all of this, after Notre Dame, is probably Miami. This is a national brand in football that also excels in men’s and women’s basketball. And baseball has been a traditional powerhouse as well.

Factor in the media market size that Miami brings along with its national brand in football, and this would be a huge get for the Big Ten.

Given the state of the ACC – better than the Pac-12 but still susceptible to pluder – and Miami could and should be a target for the Big Ten or the SEC. And, don’t forget that Miami recently became an AAU member.

Institutionally, this is a good fit for the Big Ten, adding a large market and helping the conference in football and basketball as well as baseball.

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