UFC 5 Details Emerge Online, Could Launch in October

It was recently revealed through a series of leaks that UFC 5 is on the horizon, marking yet another top-tier fighting game to be released in 2023. It can be argued it’s more a sports game than a fighting game, but with unbridled action taking the form of punching, kicking, and grappling, we’ll sit on the fence for this one. It’s reportedly going to be released on October 27th and it’ll feature a wide variety of changes from 2020’s UFC 4.

In the leaks that were posted recently, it was claimed that UFC 5 will be launching on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S – there will be no PC release for this iteration in the series. It’s also going to be rated M for Mature in the United States, which is apparently due to the ‘more realistic than ever’ aspects of bodily damage and violence.

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Another One, Another One!

ufc 5

Image Credit: EA

There’s a new Tekken game on the horizon, Mortal Kombat 1 is about ready to be released, and Street Fighter 6 dropped in June. Now, there’s a fresh UFC experience about to launch, and according to the insider reports, it’s dropping on October 27th. It’s undoubtedly going to feature the biggest names in the niche, and it has been claimed that there will also be a string of ‘legendary’ characters added to the roster.

In one report, it was said that Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali would be appearing in the game as pre-order bonuses.

It was back in July that Electronic Arts confirmed that a new UFC game was on the way, but since then, things have gone a little quiet. These days, it’s hard to keep a lid on anything, and it inevitably leaked out that a full reveal – complete with a trailer – will be taking place later this month.

With all-new animations, better fidelity than ever before, and what could be the biggest roster in the history of the series, UFC 5 could be shaping up to be something superb.

Could UFC 5 Have an Online Career?

Reportedly, UFC 5 will feature an online career mode that’ll allow users to take their created and customised characters in an online arena and fight up through a series of divisions. However, this report stated that there will still be a traditional single-player campaign that’ll take place offline – which is par for the course with EA’s sports titles.

For those outside of the niche, UFC offers up a brilliant and visceral experience that’s a faithful representation of the real-world action inside the octagon. It has been an entertaining enough series since it first emerged back in 2014, and even those who aren’t fans of the UFC itself can find some enjoyment in slapping the sense out of their opponents in a digital octagon.

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