This fan-made Helldivers 2 for Wii teaser is so adorable I wish it were real

This adorable Helldivers 2 Wii game doesn’t actually exist, but it’s so accurate I feel like I’ve played it. 

Twitter user @getmadz shares a video captioned “If Helldivers 2 was a Wii game.” The video features exactly that: the Arrowhead Studios game in a nostalgic Nintendo Wii style. You can watch the video below, but essentially, it’s what I imagine Wii Sports meets Helldivers would be. 

Using the trusty Wiimote, players of this imaginary game need to use motion controls to swing the controller and perform stratagems. Unfortunately, for the character on screen, the person playing the game isn’t great at this part, and the Wii Remote clearly isn’t here for it as it requires recalibrating during the intense moment – just like the old days!

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It’s a great animation, and it’s made me really miss the Wii’s glory days. You just know that Nintendo would have also released Helldivers 2’s best weapons in plastic form to attach your Wii Remote to alongside this game to make playing Helldivers 2 even more immersive. 

This isn’t the only Wii makeover getmadz has created. Presumably to celebrate the release of the Stardew Valley 1.6 update, the animator and YouTuber also shared a charming screenshot of the farming sim also in the style of a Wii game and it’s very reminicent of Harvest Moon Magical Melody.

In other news, Helldivers 2 marines have either completed the latest Major Order against all odds or are now unable to have sex because they haven’t, and nobody knows which it is – which is on the very opposite end of the Helldivers 2 fan spectrum to this story. 

Take a look at our best Helldivers 2 Stratagems guide to avoid suffering the same fate as the Wii player above. 

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