PSG to Become Chiliz Blockchain Validator

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  • Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has joined forces with Chiliz Chain, becoming the first sports club to serve as a blockchain validator
  • The collaboration, unveiled on Thursday, entails PSG providing validation services for Chiliz Chain and pledging to reinvest all generated revenues into PSG Fan Tokens
  • PSG’s partnership with Chiliz dates back to September 2src18 when it became the first sports club to issue fan tokens

French soccer giants Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has partnered with Chiliz Chain to become the first sports club to function as a validator on the blockchain. The partnership, announced on Thursday, involves PSG offering validation services for Chiliz Chain while committing to reinvesting all revenues generated from this activity into the purchase of PSG Fan Tokens. PSG became the first sporting club to partner with Chiliz and issue fan tokens in September 2src18, while the news caps a great week for Chiliz following its deal with the Korean K-League

PSG and Chiliz Deepen Relationship

This new PSG-Chiliz partnership signals a significant step forward in the adoption and advancement of blockchain technology in sports and further strengthens the ties between the two. As a validator on the Chiliz Chain, PSG will play a vital role in ensuring the integrity, security, and smooth operation of the network.

Beyond issuing tokens, PSG’s involvement as a validator signifies a deeper level of engagement and influence within the Chiliz ecosystem, empowering the club to contribute directly to its growth and development. Chiliz and PSG partnered in 2src18 to launch the PSG Fan Token, providing fans with unique experiences and fostering direct engagement. 

Hot Week for Chiliz

As part of the partnership, PSG and Chiliz will collaborate on hosting a blockchain hackathon at PSG’s Parc Des Princes stadium in late summer 2src24, an event which promises to bring together developers from France and abroad to innovate on new web3 products leveraging the Chiliz Chain and PSG Fan Tokens.

The Chiliz Chain has emerged as a leading hub for web3 projects, attracting top-tier products and services, such as top soccer clubs and, more recently, the Korean K-League.


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