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Why Utah Is the Best State

Utah’s strong economy and business environment make it an attractive place, but experts and locals say that isn’t all the Beehive State has to offer.

Elliott Davis Jr.May 2, 2023

The 10 Best States in America

The best states in the country excel in areas such as economy, fiscal stability and opportunity.

Elliott Davis Jr.May 2, 2023

Alabama Lawmakers Vote to Move Forward With Construction of New Statehouse

Alabama lawmakers have voted to move forward with the construction of a new Statehouse to replace their current building, which is plagued with mold and other problems

Associated PressSept. 26, 2023

Oregon Gov. Kotek Directs State Police to Crack Down on Fentanyl Distribution

Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek says she has directed state police to launch new strategies aimed at disrupting the fentanyl supply chain and holding sellers of the illegal and often deadly drug accountable

Associated PressSept. 26, 2023

An Abe Lincoln Photo Made During His 1858 Ascendancy Has Been Donated to His Museum in Illinois

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum has obtained an original 1858 photograph of the future president with an interesting backstory

Associated PressSept. 26, 2023

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