Mike Vrabel Plays Craps In Las Vegas

Mike Vrabel
Plays Craps In Las Vegas …
Enjoying Time Away From Coaching

Mike Vrabel‘s got a lot more free time on his hands these days — it is, after all, his first season out of head coaching since 2017 — and TMZ Sports has learned he’s spending at least some of it in Sin City!

Check out photos we obtained of the former Tennessee Titans honcho in Las Vegas on Thursday evening … you can see he was getting after it on a craps table at the Wynn.

One witness tells us it didn’t seem like he won much — hence the long look on his face — but nonetheless, a bad day in Vegas has to feel better than a bad day on the coaching headset, right?!

We’re told Vrabel looked like he was alone while gambling — although he did at least appear to be enjoying an iced-down beverage while rollin’ dice.

Vrabel, of course, can hit the tables far more frequently these days … as after the Titans gave him the boot, he wasn’t able to land another coaching gig.

He did, however, score a role as a consultant with the Cleveland Browns — so as the NFL season gears back up, expect the Vegas trips to be fewer and farther between.

But until then, good luck on the tables, Coach!

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