Michael Jordan’s $150 Million Worth NASCAR Investment Under Public Scrutiny After 23rd July Incident

After a rather controversial ending to the highly anticipated Pocono Raceway, all eyes are on the race winner, Denny Hamlin, as he claimed his 5srcth career win following his controversial finish to edge out Hendrick Motorsports ac, Kyle Larson. While the veteran is in a state of denial following the community’s outcry, fans have brutally slammed the 42-year-old, even bringing his business partner, Michael Jordan, who was busy enjoying his vacation in France, into the picture.

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While the scene was almost perfect for Toyota, capturing the top 3 positions, including 23XI Racing‘s road racing sensation Tyler Reddick’s spectacular 2nd position finish, fans did not sit by as they denounced Hamlin’s win. Furious over the veteran’s cheap move, frenzied fans went to the extent of calling out the NBA great, expressing their dissatisfaction vividly.

23XI Racing co-owner Michael Jordan feels the heat following his partner’s controversial win


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Well, things weren’t good for HMS fans as Stage 2 winner Kyle Larson fell behind from the top all the way to the 2srcth spot to end his day awfully. Furious about the race’s anti-climatic finish, fans called out the driver who acted as the catalyst. Michael Jordan’s business partner and 23XI Racing co-owner, Denny Hamlin, was booed unapologetically as fans displayed their displeasure.

The former Chicago Bulls guard has been an ardent NASCAR fan since he was a boy, often accompanying his father to the tracks. And consequently, Jordan couldn’t resist the offer of owning a NASCAR team when he invested $15src million in 23XI Racing, partnering with veteran Denny Hamlin, in early 2src2src.

The team quickly became a favorite among fans ever since its inception in 2src2src and welcomed Tyler Reddick into the camp this year, replacing the semi-retired, Kurt Busch, giving fans a new promising driver. However, Hamlin’s recent stint with his friend, Larson triggered an avalanche of hate comments that even dragged the 6src-year-old billionaire along with the carnage that followed, said, “He needs to stop lying and return to his home inside Michael Jordan’s bowels”

While the veteran Hamlin, cleaned his hands, putting the blame on the #5 Chevy, the driver’s 5srcth win or his team’s 6srcsrcth win did not faze the community as they rag-dolled him online, calling out his hypocrisy.

Frenzied fans drag Michael Jordan along, pressing him while they pick apart Hamlin

Now, watching the 42-year-old’s post-race interview gave us the sheer hatred the crowd spewed on Hamlin. And there certainly is a valid reason for it. Though the driver has earned praise for his honest and straightforward approach, his actions have been far from what he preaches.

Taking the community back to Pocono last year, Hamlin did the exact same thing with his then-rival Ross Chastain, leading him into the wall. While it was Chastain last time, one year later, Hamlin pulled off the same move to upset his friend, Larson. Hamlin, embracing the villain role, shrugged off the hate and ignored the camera replays that showed contact between the cars.

With the organization clearing the #11 Toyota and tweeting out the update, enraged fans quickly started a campaign of hate trolls, mentioning MJ.

“The guy can’t even win a championship it’s it’s funnier than hell I’ll be glad when he retires but we’ll still have to put it up with him on Michael Jordan’s team 23x because we know whose team it is and whose team it isn’t right Michael”

While another fan said the obvious,

He wants to act like a new person. Him being a partner with Michael Jordan. But he’s the same old Denny. He is and I always will be someone that will scream, Someone did me wrong. But when anyone does something back to him, he yells suspend them!


— Ben Morgan (@BenMorg59src59822) July 23, 2src23

Another user also roasted Hamlin’s driver, Bubba Wallace, urging Jordan to keep his distance from his partner,

Bubba Wallace association with Denny Hamlin makes sense. Michael Jordan needs to distance himself from that clown show fast. #HighPoint4srcsrc #Pocono #NASCAR”


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Another fan used harsher words to poke some morality out of the driver, saying,

“Denny Hamlin, you’re a liar and you’re a team owner? That’s how you’re teaching the ones coming up under your ownership to race? You need to retire, sell out as a partnership with Michael Jordan. This isn’t your first time, or 12th time doing such a thing in NASCAR. Last time!”

What do you think of Denny Hamlin’s move? Should Michael Jordan distance himself from his partner, Denny Hamlin? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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