Madden 24: Learn how to execute hurdles in game


Hurdling is a challenging maneuver, whether in track or on the football field, requiring strength and flexibility. In the NFL, a hurdle captures fans’ attention when it occurs. In Madden 24, players have the option to attempt a hurdle, which is one of the available ball carrier moves.

Madden 24: Learn how to execute hurdles in game

Executing a hurdle is no simple feat, whether you’re on the track or the football field. This move demands significant strength and flexibility. Even in the NFL, a hurdle doesn’t go unnoticed by fans when it happens during a game.

In Madden 24, players have the option to try their hand at a hurdle, which is just one of the many ball carrier moves available.

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how to perform a hurdle in Madden 24:

Mastery of the Hurdle in Madden 24

To execute a hurdle in Madden 24, ball carriers need to press the Y button on Xbox or the Triangle button on PlayStation.

However, performing a successful hurdle isn’t a walk in the park. It necessitates having enough space to execute the move. If you attempt a hurdle too close to a defender or defenders, the intended animation might not trigger, potentially causing the carrier to collide with an opposing player.

While mastering hurdles can be challenging, they can be highly effective in one-on-one situations. To improve your timing, it’s recommended to invest time in the Practice mode.

In practical gameplay, it’s important to note that spin and juke moves tend to hold more practical value than hurdles. Nevertheless, when the right situation arises, a well-timed hurdle can be a valuable tactic to employ on the field.


How do I perform a hurdle in Madden 24?

To hurdle in Madden 24, press Y on Xbox or Triangle on PlayStation while controlling the ball carrier. Timing and space are crucial for success.

Are hurdles effective in Madden 24?

Yes, in one-on-one scenarios. However, spin and juke moves are generally more practical. Practice in the Practice mode to refine hurdle timing.

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