LoL Worlds 2023 Play-In Stage Bracket – First Impressions and Thoughts

After crowning G2 as the 2023 LEC Champions, the European region also revealed the play-in brackets for Worlds 2023 with the draw show.

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Image Credits | Riot Games

LoL Worlds 2023 Play-In Stage draw results

On September 10, G2 Esports dominated Fnatic in the 2023 LEC Season Finals to take their 10th domestic title. Despite giving the enemies a round in Game 3, the German organization quickly readjusted themselves and destroyed Fnatic fans’ hopes in the decisive Game 4.

With the other regions also concluding their domestic competitions, Riot Games revealed the brackets for the play-in stage for Worlds by hosting the draw show right after the coronation of the European champions.

This year the play-in stage will feature a new format, consisting of 7 teams from all the minor regions across the world, and the winner of the Worlds Qualifying Series, which is going to be one among Golden Guardians and Team BDS.

VCS and PCS will be the only two minor regions with two representatives in the play-in stage, with all the other regions (LLA, CBLOL, and LJL) each getting one team. The winners of the two brackets will then head to the group stage at Worlds 2023, which will also have a new format with the introduction of the Swiss format.

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LoL Worlds 2023 Play-in Stage Brackets

The Worlds 2023 play-in stage will begin on October 10, but before that, fans will be able to watch the Worlds Qualifying Series and the clash between NA and EU on October 9. All matches will be streamed on the official LoL Esports channels.

Worlds Play-ins Bracket A Matchups

  • GAM Esports vs. LOUD
  • PSG Talon vs. Movistar R7

Worlds Play-ins Bracket B Matchups

  • BDS/GG vs. Team Whales
  • CTBC FO vs. DetonatioN FocusMe
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My thoughts on the LoL Worlds Play-In Brackets

While it’s been months since we last saw minor regions clashing against one another, the general impression is that the PCS is still a bit stronger compared to the other minor regions. VCS teams didn’t look that amazing and GAM, who is always known for surprising the best teams, doesn’t look as convincing compared to past years.

The underdogs in these brackets are LOUD: The Brazilian team looks interesting and they might be able to make upsets happen. It will be tough for them, considering PSG Talon is in their bracket as well, but I’m excited to see what level of play they can deliver. The region has been growing over the past few years and a streak of strong international results will be the best proof.

For the other bracket, the big favorites are whoever wins the Worlds Qualifying Series: Team BDS and Golden Guardians have shown a decent level and it always felt like they could deliver more than what they collected in Summer. The other team with the highest chances of going through is probably CTBC Flying Oyster: they were able to match PSG in the finals, which means they are not that far off too.

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