Licorice crowns himself ‘best top laner’ in the LCS after joining Dignitas

LCS veteran Licorice is making a comeback in the North American league in time for the next split, hailing himself the “best top laner” in Dignitas’ announcement video. 

“Last (LCS 2023) Summer Split, I was the best top laner in the league. I don’t see any reason why that should be different this time,” Licorice said.

Licorice on stage at LCS with Golden Guardians.
Golden Guardian reached new heights with Licorice on their side. Photo by Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games

The Canadian top laner played for Golden Guardian for two years and delivered top-notch performances. He took the team to the 2023 LCS Spring Split finals, where they fell short against Cloud9. GG finished second in the LCS 2023 Summer Split, but they failed to perform in the playoffs. The team then had a surprise exit from the LCS.

Over the years, Licorice has played for multiple LCS teams, including Cloud9, FlyQuest, and Golden Guardians, domestically and internationally. He won the 2020 LCS Spring Playoffs with Cloud9, among other trophies. 

While sharing his insights, he shed light on his experience with Cloud9 and FlyQuest, saying, “On Cloud9, it was like, win the lane, and the game is easy. But in FlyQuest, it’s like I’d win my lane, and nothing would happen, and it felt hopeless eventually.” Licorice also said he felt a lot of “self-doubt” during the rough phase in his esports career before finally hitting his “strive” with Golden Guardians.

In the top lane, Licorice will replace Lee “Rich” Jae-won in Dignitas while they look to turn their fortunes around in the 2024 LCS Summer Split. Despite being a veteran in League of Legends esports, Licorice has yet to win an international trophy, but with Dignitas, he wants to change that and qualify for Worlds 2024.

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