LEC rumored roster changes – November 10

With the off-season and free agency period starting on November 21, here are the latest rumored roster changes of the week from the LEC.

LEC Roster changes

Image Credit: Riot Games

Rumored LEC Roster Changes of the week

SK Gaming Nisqy

According to Sheep Esports, Nisqy will be joining SK Gaming, as he will be teaming up with his fellow Belgian player Ismaïl “Isma” Boualen in the jungle, who is also reportedly set to join the German organization for 2024.

KC Upset, Bo, and Yamatocannon

It has been an explosive end to the week, with Karmine Corp making big moves behind the scenes. According to Sheep Esports, both former Vitality players Bo and Upset are set to join Karmine Corp for the 2024 season, with Yamatocannon also reaching a verbal agreement to become the team’s head coach.

While the rest of the roster is yet to be confirmed, it looks like KCorp are planning to go with a banger roster right off the start.

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TH Perkz & TH Wunder

Team Heretics seems to have an explosive roster going into 2024, full of veterans and big names from past years. According to Sheep Esports, both Wunder and Perkz have reached a verbal agreement with the organization for the upcoming season. The two will be reuniting with Jankos, forming the top-jungle-mid trio from 2018.

Larssen stays with Infinite Reality’s LEC team

Despite the end of the partnership between KOI and Infinite Reality, Larssen is set to stay with the organization in 2024. It was quite a turbulent situation for both the player and the organization, but according to Sheep Esports, the two parties are looking to continue their journey together.

Elyoya to renew contract with MAD, new Spanish bot lane, and mid lane for the Spanish organization

MAD Lions are looking to make big moves during the offseason, as they have reportedly reached verbal agreements with star jungler Elyoya, as well as three other players. Elyoya is looking to extend his contract for another 3 years, and he will join forces with his former teammate Supa and support player Alvaro. The latter two played on Movistar Riders this year, reaching 2nd place in the EMEA Masters Summer.

The mid lane position will be filled by Fresskowy. Based on the report by Sheep Esports, the Polish mid laner was personally endorsed by Elyoya. With that in mind, the only missing piece for MAD is the top lane position.

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