Heated Row Involving Deion Sanders’ Son Catches Shaquille O’Neal’s Eye as Intense Rivalry Threatens to Blow Out of Proportion

While college football is always an exciting part of the sports calendar, no one predicted this. Even though the major programs are going strong, the biggest story in the country comes from Colorado. Whether it be the media, NBA players, or the world at large, the entire attention is on what happens next with Deion Sanders and his team. Among the ones watching the latest game was Shaquille O’Neal. As tensions looked ready to spill over before their third game, the Los Angeles Lakers legend took in the hostilities.

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After a 2-0 start, a matchup between the 2 Colorado teams was high with anticipation. Then, coach Norvell upped the ante. Now, with a bona fide classic in the books, the makings were visible before the game even began.

Shaquille O’Neal watches Colorado rivalry heat up


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In what would serve as a precursor to the double overtime classic in the books, the battle lines were clear before the game began. Sheduer Sanders, star quarterback for the Buffaloes and coach Deion Sanders‘ son, got into it with players from Colorado State.

The crowd, entirely in the Sanders corner, rained down chants of “Fk CSU”. The entire moment would become instantly iconic, doubly so after the classic game that followed. Even Shaquille O’Neal had to put up a story covering the growing beef between the two sides.

Due to the ever-growing animosity, the matchup was a box-office attraction. And it wasn’t to disappoint. As a result of the budding rivalry, the game wasn’t without its shenanigans. Even dirty fouls became part of the norm for the game. But, through 3 quarters, a different story was unfolding.

Shedeur, who was spectacular in the first two contests, was relatively pedestrian. Due to his mediocre performance, everyone had the same question: Did the pressure get to him? However, like the great ones do, Sanders clutched up.

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Thanks to a Shedeur-led furious rally, the Buffaloes had come all the way back to tie the game at 28-apiece with barely over 30 seconds left. On the ensuing possession, CSU could not capitalize and the game went into overtime.

Buffaloes clutch it out in Deion Sanders’ toughest challenge to date

When the time was finally over, no fan could feel disappointment. An all-time classic had just taken place. Beginning the first overtime, the pressure was on Shedeur and Colorado. A relatively mediocre team for much of their existence, the team has become an overnight sensation.


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Could the young up-start come through? In bare minutes, Sanders was off. Showcasing why he’s quickly becoming a Heisman Trophy candidate, he led the team to a touchdown. But there was still some juice left. CSU did not go down without a fight. While fans in attendance wanted otherwise, Norvell’s boys came through as well, tying the game back at 35. The second overtime was upon us.

However, the Sanders duo had had enough. Quick to the teeth, the team put together a beautiful possession, giving them another touchdown, and an 8-point lead for good measure. Shedeur had eventually come through, with his final stat line reading 4 TDs and almost 350 yards. Finally, they had a big barrier. Their opposition could not string together a quality position.


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Ultimately, the scorecard read 43-35 Colorado. Sanders had done it again.


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