HapiFit Terra Is A Game Changer For Sports Training Devices

Mojawa HaptiFit Terra headphones


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Bone conduction audio gear is not exactly a new phenomenon, but haptic tech brand Mojawa is redefining what a wearable can do with its latest offering. The latest from Mojawa is the HaptiFit Terra, a new pair of headphones being hawked as a sports training device that combines the versatility of bone conduction audio with AI-assisted real-time performance monitoring. It is capable of measuring activity markers such as pace, calorie burnout, and step count alongside heart rate activity monitoring to deliver a more holistic picture of your workout without hindering your environmental awareness, something traditional Bluetooth-based earbuds can’t offer.

The open-ear style audio accessory from Mojawa offers an IP68-certified build, which means it can accompany you for aquatic workouts such as swimming. And since these rely on what the company calls dual spring magnetically levitated brass that doesn’t hinder your ear canal and delivers audio signals from behind the ear, you don’t have to worry about the audio output irrespective of the exercise you are engaged in … or even worry about liquid damage.

Mojawa HaptiFit Terra headphonesMojawa

Another cool aspect of the HaptiFit Terra is its haptic system, which relies on pressure-sensitive hardware for crucial functions such as playback controls, switching between activity types, listening to activity statistics, and more. A particularly thoughtful design element is dynamic glow lights, which not only serve as safety guides under challenging lighting conditions but also double as a wellness alert for scenarios such as an abnormal spike in heart rate. There’s also 32GB of onboard storage for storing music files and relevant fitness content, which means they can be used without your phone, as well.

An all-in-one fitness companion

Mojawa HaptiFit Terra's companion app


While the hardware perks of HaptiFit Terra are in a league of their own, it’s the software ecosystem that truly sets them apart and earns them a SlashGear CES Innovation award. The companion mobile app brings AI Sports Trainer to life. It not only logs your workout details and presents the wellness progress, but also uses that data to create personalized fitness regimes to keep you on track for the sessions ahead. Called Thrive, the mobile app curates a detailed analysis of the workouts and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

There’s also a voice assistant that can be directly accessed on the device. It can be pulled up to get an update on the ongoing activity’s progress at any given point during the workout session. Another neat convenience is wear detection, which means the HaptiFit Terra automatically activates when put on and resumes the playback session, while taking them off shuts them down. It’s a neat way to conserve some juice. But the device itself is no laggard in the energy efficiency department. 

Mojawa HaptiFit Terra headphonesMojawa

The audio fitness gear is claimed to last up to 8 hours on a single charge, and thanks to the fast magnetic charging facility, a mere five minutes of charging will be good enough for two hours of listening time. Another benefit that needs to be experienced on the HaptiFit Terra to realize its importance is that the 3D pressure-sensitive controls with haptic feedback are far more reliable compared to touch and swipe-based inputs on a conventional pair of earbuds. Down the road, Mojawa plans to include social and competitive elements into the Thrive app, which means you can add a bit of flair and motivation to your workout sessions.


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