Did Lions Do Enough? Brad Holmes Assesses 2024 NFL Draft

Holmes discussed Detroit’s 2src24 NFL Draft class.

The Detroit Lions were in such an advantageous position heading into the start of the 2src24 NFL Draft. 

Having addressed multiple needs in free agency, Detroit’s personnel department was able to target players on its draft board that not only fit needs but also passed the requirements to join a roster full of experienced veterans. 

Upon an early review of Detroit’s six selections, there is a balance of players ready immediately to step in and compete for starting opportunities and developmental players who can learn from established NFL players for the next 12 months. 

When asked about the overall draft, general manager Brad Holmes reiterated that every player on the roster must compete for their opportunity to play. 

“A lot of these guys, where we’re at as a roster, man, if they win a spot and play, then they play. If they don’t, they don’t,” said Holmes. “You look at the corners like, yeah, we really like these corners. They’re rookies. I don’t know, they gotta win a spot, you know, because Carlton Davis has been a proven starter. A healthy Emmanuel Mosley is a proven starter. Amik Robertson is, like these are good players that have been proven starters, that have made plays. 

“It’s not just a given, you know. But, they all want to play. They’re all wired right. But, man, look, it is good to be there from a roster standpoint,” Holmes continued. “If these corners, if they play, they play, but they gotta win a spot. And that’s for everybody. So, it’s great. It’s a good feeling, to be in a spot where we feel good about the depth we have. We feel good about the future we have. Man, those guys got to compete and win spots. But, I know that that we’re a better football team now, to take that step, like what you’re talking about. It’s going to be really up to them. We’re going to do our part and make sure that they’re surrounded with the resources be set up for success with their development. But, those guys got to compete.”

Avoiding gut punches

Holmes, who indicated on Day 2 that he was feeling aggressive, had a different feeling before the start of Day 3. 

But, unlike the day prior, where only one draft selection was made, Holmes executed three draft trades to bolster the offensive line and add depth to the defensive line. 

Detroit’s fourth-year general manager indicated once he started mentally going through the players he envisioned being on the team this year, he wanted to avoid feeling any sense of disappointment. 

Holmes indicated he was aligned with Dan Campbell in ensuring that the players they coveted did not get drafted elsewhere. As a result, the decisions were made to trade up, despite having to give up draft capital next season.

In the end, the Lions were comfortable with their crop. The organization traded up to land offensive tackle Giovanni Manu and running back Sione Vaki, both of whom were important for Holmes to land. 


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