Destiny 2 content creator sues former NFL star, gaming org G1 over failure to repay $100K loan

Destiny 2 content creator Jake “GernaderJake” Straus is suing gaming and esports organization Gamers First (G1), owned by former NFL safety Kenny Vaccaro, for failing to repay a $100,000 loan given to subsidiary company Evolve PCs.

Straus said he would be seeking legal action against G1 in a public statement made on April 19 after the organization allegedly missed the repayment date on a loan given to Evolve PCs in 2022—then owned by fellow content creator Triplewreck. The lawsuit was officially filed yesterday, April 18. “It is so unfortunate that I have been forced to put out this video today,” Straus said, before delving into the details behind his dealings with G1.

Attorney Roger Quiles, representing Straus, called the situation “immensely unfair,” and is confident in an outcome favoring his client.“Jake sought to protect himself while helping a colleague and was even flexible when plans changed by delaying repayment. It is unacceptable and inequitable for Jake’s repayment to be delayed further. No amount of sports prestige, PR spin, or foolishness can controvert that.”

Straus said he initially lent the six-figure sum to Triplewreck in 2022 to assist with paying workers and continue operation “while waiting for an investment” in Evolve PCs, which was promised shortly after the loan was issued. “After a heart-to-heart I had with [Triplewreck] on a phone call, the loan felt like a practically risk-free opportunity to help a colleague,” Straus said in his statement, and although all seemed well with the loan, he took necessary steps to be protected legally.

This investment allegedly fell through when Triplewreck failed to repay the loan by the Jan. 1, 2023 due date. Evolve PCs was ultimately acquired by Vaccaro and G1, with Straus stating the org would be assuming payment of the loan, but that Triplewreck would remain included as a guarantor. Straus claims he was “reassured multiple times” by Vaccaro that the debt would be repaid in full, plus interest. Paperwork was reportedly finalized in early 2023 with a new repayment date set for Jan. 1, 2024.

Kenny Vaccaro, an NFL player for the Tennessee Titans, takes to the field.
Vaccaro founded G1 following his retirement from pro American football. Image via NFL

G1 was founded in 2021 by Vaccaro following his retirement from the NFL, but by late 2023 the org was embroiled in drama as it was revealed G1 owed over $230,000 to players and staff. Despite personal reassurances from Vaccaro that payment would be made, Straus said he was “skeptical” he would be getting his money back following further stories of failed payments.

Jan. 1, 2024 came and went without loan repayment according to Straus, with the content creator stating he was “ghosted” by Vaccaro and G1 after minor discussions, leaving him with no choice but to turn to counsel and set up a court date.

Findings indicate this isn’t the only time Vaccaro and G1 have faced legal action over their payment shortcomings, with Straus’ team and public court records detailing multiple cases where Vaccaro and G1 have been served. “This industry has always had non-payment issues, but the only way this will change is if people are held accountable for their actions,” Straus concluded.

Straus and his team await a response to the April 18 petition and filing. Dot Esports has reached out to G1, Vaccaro, and Triplewreck for comment but did not receive a response at the time this article was published.

Disclosure: Roger Quiles has previously represented GAMURS Group.

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