De Paola suggests Allegri is a reason players are struggling at Juventus

According to journalist Paolo de Paola, Juventus currently has many unwanted players due to the influence of Max Allegri. Despite the club’s previous substantial investments in top players, most of them have struggled to perform since Allegri’s return.

In the two seasons since Allegri came back to the club, Juventus has failed to secure any trophies. Despite this, the club continues to support him as their manager, given his successful first spell at the Allianz Stadium. The hope is that with Cristiano Giuntoli now working alongside him, Allegri will be able to turn things around.

However, the team still has several underperforming players, and the club’s executives are looking to sell them. De Paola is of the opinion that these players’ poor performances can be attributed to Allegri’s influence and tactics.

As Juventus navigates its current challenges, the situation with underperforming players will be a significant aspect for the club to address. With Allegri’s reputation and the new collaboration with Giuntoli, the fans and the club’s management will be eagerly anticipating positive changes and a return to their winning ways.

The journalist said via Tuttomercatoweb:

“Giuntoli is reflecting on Juventus’ attack, aware that there is a great deal of turmoil among the fans after what he did at Napoli. 

“Because of Allegri, the club finds itself with a flood of players to sell, first and foremost Chiesa and Vlahovic, who don’t adapt to his style of play. It remains to be seen how much the director will be able to assert himself, while also wondering whether the Serbian player is the one we saw last year or the one we saw at Fiorentina.”

Juve FC Says

We have several deadwood in the squad now and truly, some became poor players when Allegri came back to the club.

However, the gaffer is an accomplished tactician; we cannot blame him alone for the poor form of our players.


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