Charles LeClerc Admits Being Unhappy With Teammate’s Success: “Carlos [Sainz] Won’t Be in Ferrari Next Year Doesn’t Add Any Pressure”

Charles LeClerc is a generational talent, there’s no doubt about it. His rise to Ferrari after just one season with Sauber (in 2018) is a testament to his skill, considering he beat his world-champion teammate Sebastian Vettel in his debut year with the Scuderia. He is also considered to be one of the best qualifiers on the grid, with the ability to put even a relatively slower car on pole position. However, despite his abilities on the track, a rather interesting trend has emerged in the last 2 seasons. Whenever Ferrari wins a race, it’s his teammate Carlos Sainz at the finish line, not Leclerc.

The Australian Grand Prix was a good example. When the Red Bull of Max Verstappen encountered a rear brake issue and retired from the race on lap 5, it was Sainz who won the race for Ferrari. And while many in the wider F1 community are speculating that LeClerc might be under pressure, the Monagasque driver has dismissed such rumors.

In the press conference ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix, Charles LeClerc was asked if he is feeling the pressure to beat Carlos Sainz before he leaves Ferrari at the end of 2024. I would be lying if I said I was happy thinking about this aspect,” LeClerc responded, “Victories are important and points at the end of the season are even more important, but at the same time I want Ferrari to win as soon as possible.”


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“In F1 a lot of people base their opinions on the last race. But if I look at my last eight or nine weekends. I think they’ve averaged an excellent level. Unfortunately, in most of those races, it was not possible to win. But I am aware that it is up to me to be present whenever the opportunity arises. Finally, I would like to say that the fact that Carlos [Sainz] won’t be in Ferrari next year doesn’t add any pressure, he added.

Leclerc: […] whenever the opportunity arises, and I was not in Singapore and Melbourne. Finally, I would like to say that the the fact that Carlos won’t be in Ferrari next year doesn’t add any pressure.

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— Junaid #JB17 (@JunaidSamodien_) April 4, 2024

Interestingly, Charles had the opportunity to fight with Carlos in Melbourne when he started his second stint on new tires. However, Ferrari told him not to overtake his teammate.


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Charles Leclerc admits that team orders in Australia made sense

During the conference, LeClerc also shed light on the team orders that were given to him during the Australian Grand Prix. While it must have been frustrating at the time to not be allowed to fight your teammate, LeClerc acknowledged the reasoning behind the decision, stating, At one point I was asked not to fight and honestly, it made sense.

Leclerc clarified that Sainz had an advantage in tire condition over him during the race. This difference meant that engaging in an on-track battle would have potentially cost the team time and track position. Throughout the race, Ferrari’s focus was not just on battling each other but also on defending against threats from the McLaren drivers, Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri from behind.


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Charles Leclerc: “[Carlos] Sainz Beats Me and Then I Push to Beat Him”

Could Charles LeClerc have beaten Carlos if they were free to battle for the win? Or did Sainz just have too much of an advantage from the start? What are your thoughts on the matter?


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