Best Sportsbook Promo Codes: Top Signup Bonuses – October 2023

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As legal sports betting arrives in more states and new brands continue to enter the space, it can become increasingly difficult to decide which sportsbook is deserving of your action. While big names like BetMGM, Caesars, and FanDuel are always dependable, there are plenty of other options currently fighting for market share, meaning sportsbook welcome bonuses are in abundance.

In short, online sports betting operators want your business and are willing to offer a lucrative signup bonus in order to get it. The following page will provide some clarity on which online sportsbooks are offering the best welcome offers in the country. If any of the offers below happen to catch your eye, be sure to enter our promo code during registration in order to claim your bonus.

Betting Site


Fanatics Sportsbook

Bet $1src , Get $4src in Bonus Bets (up to $2srcsrc)over your first 5 Days!

  • TN, OH, MA, MD Only.
  • New users only, 21 or older. Full T&Cs apply.


BetMGM Logo

Deposit Match Exclusive Up to $1,5srcsrc in bonus bets with TRIB15srcsrc

  • AZ, NJ, IN, CO, DC, KY, IA, MI, OH, PA, TN, VA, WV, WY only.
  • New customers only. Must be 21 . Welcome offer not available in NY & PA. Full T&C apply.


bet365 Logo

Bet $5, Get $15src Paid in bonus bets

  • NJ, CO, VA, KY, OH only.
  • New customers only. Must be 21 . Full T&C apply.


Caesars Sportsbook

Bet $5 on Any Moneyline, Get $15src in Bonus Bets IF Your Bet Wins All Customers Get A Profit Boost Everyday!

  • IA, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, PA, OH, VA, WV, WY Only.
  • New users only, 21 or older. Full T&Cs apply.


Caesars Sportsbook Logo

Get up to $1,srcsrcsrc in bonus bets with code TRIBUNEGET

  • AZ, CO, IN, IA, IL, KS, KY, LA, MI, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TN, VA & WV
  • New customers only. Must be 21 . Welcome offer not available in NY & PA. Full T&C apply.

Readers are likely curious about how we determined our ranking of the best sportsbook promo codes & bonuses, which is a reasonable inquiry given how many different options there are and how promotions are structured from site to site. Generally speaking, there are three main categories that contributed to the list below: sportsbook availability, bonus value and wagering requirements.

While not nearly as important of a factor as the latter two categories mentioned above, sportsbook availability simply refers to how many states a sportsbook is currently live and accepting action in. Now you might be asking, what does this have to do with the site’s welcome offer itself? For the most part, if a book is only available in two states as opposed to ten, then there is a good chance that the brand is unable to offer as big of a welcome bonus as a larger operator that is widely accessible. There are some exceptions to this rule, however, you will usually find the largest offers at the industry’s biggest names.

Going off the section above, bonus value is easily the most common factor that players look into when choosing a welcome bonus, as it is usually displayed front-and-center on any advertisements, commercials or online articles. And while bonus value may not always be as clearcut and obvious as the monetary value listed on a sportsbook ad, it can usually be determined by taking a look at the offer’s terms and conditions – which brings us to our third and final criteria.

Players can always refer to a bonus offer’s terms and conditions to find out any crucial information regarding the bonus offer, which can include a minimum or maximum deposit amount, certain rules or limitations tied to the bonus and most importantly, any wagering requirements. All of these factors can make or break a bonus offer no matter how juicy it appears to be, as a hefty wagering requirement could mean the difference between cashing out your winnings rather quickly or having to risk them multiple times over, ultimately making the bonus less valuable.

While our definitive list of the best sportsbook promo codes and bonuses in the table above should serve as a big help for most bettors, it’s not nearly complete without an explanation for each ranking. Each section below will shed some light on why we selected that sportsbook, what its welcome bonus entails and any promo codes or specific instructions that are required in order to claim the offer.

Fanatics Sportsbook is relatively new to the online sports betting realm but is expected to be a major player in the industry once fully live. The site is live in Massachusetts, Maryland, Ohio , Kentucky and Tennessee, and the mobile app is fully finished and users located in those states can wager on it as they would with any other live brand.

Currently, new users can who place a cash wager of at least $1src can get $4src a day in FanCash as bonus bets for the first five days, amounting to $2srcsrc in bonus bets total.

The process to claim this promotion is a bit different from other sportsbooks.

Desktop users will be asked to fill out a brief survey before being able to bet on the app.

After submitting the survey and receiving an approval email from the team at Fanatics Sportsbook, all eligible first-time players will be able to register and claim their offer.

BetMGM Sportsbook’s latest welcome offer is one of the best available in the country. New players to BetMGM can get their first bet covered with the sportsbook’s welcome offer.

Players can deploy the TRIB15srcsrc bonus code to get a generous first bet offer.

Users can unlock BetMGM Sportsbook’s exclusive deposit match offer by clicking on the module above or by simply signing up using the BetMGM bonus code TRIB15srcsrc.

Any bonus funds earned from this promotion can be placed on any sports wagers on the platform but cannot be withdrawn or cashed out.

As expected, this promotion is restricted to new customers who are at least 21 years old and present in a legal BetMGM state.

bet365 Sportsbook is one of the world’s most famous online betting operators, so it should come as no surprise that they landed at the top of our list.

Right now, bettors in Colorado, New Jersey, Ohio and Virginia can choose from either a first bet insurance offer or a bet and get. Both are accessible through the same landing page so players can initiate the process by clicking the module below and signing up for an account using the bonus code TRIBUNE.

New players can either choose from a first bet insurance offer — with a cap of $1,srcsrcsrc — or a $15src bet and get.

As is the case with any first bet insurance offer, the First Bet Safety Net promotion — as it’s called — requires a new user’s initial wager to settle as a loss for them to get any bonus bets.

The bet and get simply requires a new user’s wager to settle, it does not matter how it settles.

Both promotions require the user’s initial wager to be made in cash.

FanDuel Sportsbook offers one of the few promotions on our list that does not require a promo code, so users can simply click on the link displayed below to begin signup and claim the site’s incredible bonus.

FanDuel’s welcome bonus is a non traditional Bet and Get offer. New users who place a successful cash wager of at least $5 on any moneyline will get $15src in bonus bets. In addition to the bonus bets, new users will get daily profit boosts regardless of the status of their qualifying wager.

Once users click on the link above and register for a new FanDuel Sportsbook account, they’ll need to make a small deposit of at least $1src and place a cash wager to trigger this promotion.

If that first wager ends up winning, users will collect their profit in cash and keep their stake as they normally would when placing bets with FanDuel Sportsbook.

As is the case with all bonus bets, any credits earned from this promotion can be used on additional wagers on the platform but cannot be withdrawn or cashed out until they are wagered at least once. Bonus bets can be broken up and used in any increment but will only return the bet’s winnings to the player, as the bonus bet stake will remain with FanDuel. Most importantly, all bonus bets at FanDuel come with an expiration date of 14 days after issuance, so be sure to make use of them before it’s too late!

Caesars Sportsbook is another veteran sportsbook with serious name recognition.

Currently, the Caesars Sportsbook offer is a Bet and Get promotion which means users can potentially collect bonus bets from this promotion and earn profits from a successful initial wager.

To claim this offer, bettors can simply click the module displayed above and use the Caesars Sportsbook promo code TRIBUNE1srcsrcsrc while signing up.

From there, players will need to make a minimum deposit of $1src and place a cash wager of their determination.

If that first wager wins, new users will collect their profit and keep their stake. However, if that first wager doesn’t pan out, new users will get their complete stake back in bonus bets, with a cap of $1,srcsrcsrc.

BetRivers Sportsbook is another solid betting option for players based in a variety of different states. Its current new customer offer gives players a Second Chance Bet worth up to $5srcsrc, so users will get their complete stake back in bonus bets if their first wager goes south.

As noted above, this promotion does not require a promo code so bettors can claim this offer by simply clicking the module below.

Notably, bettors will need to make a small deposit of at least $1src to trigger this promotion. Once they’ve met that requirement, they’ll be able to wager as they please at BetRivers Sportsbook. Always keep in mind that this promotion is capped at $5srcsrc, meaning any amount lost beyond that on the Second Chance Bet will not be covered by the site.

As is the case with most welcome promotions, the bonus bet earned from this offer is only valid for one single bet and cannot be withdrawn or cashed out until it has been wagered at least once.


Penn Entertainment launched a new partnership with ESPN to create the new sportsbook, ESPN Bet. This app will be a one-stop shop for sports fans and bettors alike. They’ll be able to watch all the games they wagered on with one, easy to use app.

The massive partnership marks a new approach to sports betting as ESPN was reticent to dive into the legal sports betting market until recently.

Part of the deal includes a rebrand of the existing Barstool Sportsbook, which is available in 16 states currently. It’s likely that ESPN will be available in all of those states once the deal is finalized.

Now that we’ve gone over the specific welcome bonuses and promo codes currently on offer at some of the industry’s best online operators, it’s probably best to provide further details on each type of promotional offer.

We’ve compiled a short list below of the most commonly used terms for readers to review.

First Bet Insurance, which is deployed in a variety of different ways, is one of the most common new-user promotions out there. In this instance, users are insured to the point where even if their first bet goes south, they’re still covered by the site with a full refund of their lost stake issued in the form of bonus bets.

Critically, a user’s first bet must settle as a loss to trigger this promotion. While starting off with a win is always the goal when gambling, those who win their first wager when claiming this type of welcome bonus will unfortunately walk away empty-handed – aside from their cash winnings, of course.

Bonus bets typically cannot be withdrawn or cashed out until wagered at least once and if a player happens to win a bet while using them, they shouldn’t expect to keep both the winnings and the bonus bet stake. Unlike a cash wager, most sportsbooks do not allow the player to keep the bonus bet stake after placing a wager, regardless if they win or lose the bet.

A Bet & Get offer will typically require a new user to place a small wager, often between $1 and $2src, in order to receive a larger amount in bonus bets. The amount awarded can range anywhere from $1srcsrc-$3srcsrc, but will vary from site to site.

The best part about claiming a Bet & Get welcome bonus is that it will not require a user’s first bet to settle as a loss in order to take home any sort of reward or bonus. In most cases, players will receive their bonus bets win or lose and should receive them shortly after their qualifying wager has settled.

This type of bonus offer is ideal for newer or inexperienced gamblers looking to get started without putting up a ton of their own money, or just about any other player looking to score some quick, easy bonus bets.

Deposit match bonuses are much more common in the online casino realm than they are when it comes to sports betting, but are definitely worth a look if and when you can find one.

This one is fairly straightforward: the sportsbook will match the user’s deposit — up to a specified amount — in bonus bets or sportsbook bonus cash. The percentage offered on the match and the maximum amount to be awarded will both vary depending on the operator, as will any rollover conditions.

All in all, sportsbook deposit match bonuses are rare but present an extremely lucrative opportunity, essentially lining the new user’s pockets with some extra cash or bonus bets to fire away.

Referral bonuses are a bit unique. This type of bonus differs from the previous three because it is not necessarily a welcome bonus. Well, it is for one half of the involved parties. In order to claim this type of offer before signing up, you must know someone that already has an active account that can issue an invite using their referral link.

Basically, this offer awards the active user with a certain amount — usually around $5src — for referring their friends to a specific sportsbook. Sometimes these referral bonuses come in the form of cash, while other times they will be issued as credits for the sportsbook or casino.

Notably though, the referred friend has to actually place a wager to finalize this promotion and get both sides their reward.

Every promotion, whether it is for new customers or existing players, has its own terms and conditions. Understanding these conditions will ensure that bettors get the maximum possible value out of a specific promotion.

Below, we offer an overview of some of the most common terms or conditions that users would be wise to review before claiming any and all promotions.

All promotions, regardless of what book they’re from or what kind of customer they’re directed at, will likely have wager requirements of some kind attached. Wagering requirements are put into place to guarantee a fair exchange between the player and the sportsbook.

A few examples of a wagering requirement would be a minimum bet required to trigger a bonus a rollover after receiving a deposit match, or the requirement to wager your bonus bets at least 1x before any funds can be withdrawn.

Odds requirements are a bit more uncommon than the other conditions on this list but are certainly still in play at some sportsbooks.

Essentially, an odds requirement is a minimum threshold for the promotional wager a player places. In this case, a wager carrying odds of -14src would not qualify for the promotion, while a bet placed at -11src or 12src odds would.

Most promotions have some kind of minimum deposit requirement that is typically set around $1src. In order to successfully claim a bonus offer and complete the entire process, players must meet this simple yet crucial condition. This ensures that the sportsbook receives at least a specific amount from each player, while also allowing newer and inexperienced players to get involved without having to break the bank.

It’s always critical for users to review expiration dates, as many promotions are only offered for a limited time.

While some books have promotions that are essentially evergreen, or exist with no set expiration date, many of the sport-specific promotions have designated expiration dates.

These can vary widely based on the book and promotion. Some offers are only active for a couple weeks, while others last a whole season and even more are available year-round.

Typically, offer expiration dates will be indicated at various points on the promotional landing page for each bonus. Users should carefully review offer expiration dates to ensure they are still valid before attempting to claim any offers.

There is a general process to claim any of the promotions listed above and while the specifics will vary with each book, the overall structure is the same across the board.

First and foremost, users need to make sure they are eligible. As noted, eligibility is dependent on a variety of factors such as location, age and if users already have an existing account.

If players are eligible for a promotion they’ll need to utilize a promo code, if there is one, when signing up for a particular sportsbook. They will also need to provide key personal details including first and last name, home address, phone number, and the last four digits of their social security number.

After completing the account creation process, users will likely be asked to make a small deposit as well as place a real-money wager of some sort.

Once the bonus requirements have been met, they should receive their bonus bets or other rewards and be free to wager them as they please.

Obviously there are some nuances to each promotion that we’ve detailed in the paragraphs above, but the general signup structure is usually the same regardless of where a player chooses to register. That being said, it is critical that users carefully review all of the terms and conditions before attempting to claim any promotion.

Below are a few commonly asked questions regarding sports betting promo codes and bonuses. If you happen to have any additional questions regarding a specific promotion, always refer to the FAQ section on your preferred sportsbook’s app or website.

BetMGM Sportsbook and Caesars Sportsbook are just a couple of the many sports betting operators currently offering first-time players a promo code to claim a welcome bonus. For a full list of the best offers available now, scroll up to the top of this page!

Bonus offers will vary from site to site, but generally speaking, most sportsbooks offer some sort of deposit match, first bet insurance or bet & get welcome offer. For specifics on each individual brand, check out the sections above!

Claiming a promo code for an online sportsbook offer is incredibly easy and can be done in one of two ways. First, if a site has a specific promo code to enter, begin the signup process on the brand’s mobile app or website and enter the code when prompted – that’s it! The second option would be by clicking on any of the links on this page, as doing so will take you directly to the registration form with your offer automatically applied.

No, they cannot. Existing users are typically excluded from claiming any new-user promo codes or welcome bonuses. While some sites do offer active user promo codes from time to time, these are extremely rare and are completely separate from the welcome offers discussed above.

Yes, but it will depend on the operator. In some cases, users can successfully claim both the new-user offer and the friend referral. But be careful, because some books do not allow this and it could potentially ruin the player’s chances of claiming a specific offer. BetMGM, for example, only allows one or the other.


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