Azur Lane releases new Confluence of Nothingness event featuring five Ironblood shipgirls

Yostar have just released a thrilling new update for the mobile naval shoot-em-up game, Azur Lane. The patch brings the Confluence Nothingness event that will keep players occupied until June 14th with all the new content pouring in. Expect to find five Iron Blood shipgirls, a UR battleship, and 11 new skins amongst a tonne of different goodies.

The Confluence of Nothingness event in Azur Lane takes place as a result of a distress signal from the Floating Fortress. A rescue operation is being organised by the Iron Blood Reinforcement Fleet, which is under the command of the Bismarck flagship. Players will be tasked with clearing multiple stages which offer unique rewards such as the Super Rare Submarine, U-556 Meta and Jade the Elite Light Aircraft Carrier.


But the vessel players should look most forward to is the Bismarck Zwei, and Ultra Rate Battleship with outstanding combat capabilities. She can switch between two modes and unleash a massive barrage on unsuspecting enemies.

Moreover, she has a rate-up alongside two other Super Rare ships in the limited Construction –Regensburg and Otto von Alvensleben. To see where these ships stack up against the rest, check out Azur Lane’s tier list of the best ships.

Besides the ships, 11 new shipgirls are ready to battle the summers in their swimsuits. Regensburg, New Jersey, Taiho, and Anchorage all are getting new L2D looks, while Bismarck Zwei and Royal Fortune get dynamic ones. In addition, players can also purchase furniture and gear skins from the shop.


Finally, commanders have the opportunity of raking in a lot of rewards like a limited skin for Yat Sen, furniture, gear skins, an Early Summer Invitation and a portrait frame by participating in events. Don’t forget to claim goodies from the login campaign, which includes a Retrofit Blueprint, Skill Book, and a Cat Box.

Download Azur Lane now for free by clicking on either of the links below.


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