Antonio Brown Offers Cam Newton $150K To Play Arena Football

Antonio Brown and Cam Newton were two of the top players at their positions during the 2010s. They both had unceremonious exits from the NFL, and they are both looking to prolong their careers in very different ways.

Newton is doing his best to get back into the league. He has held private workouts for team scouts, released training videos, and even threw at Auburn’s Pro Day earlier this year. He has given interviews in which he questions why he hasn’t been given another chance, and his quote about “randoms getting jobs” is now infamous.

Antonio Brown: $150k For Cam Newton If He Plays With Me

If anybody seen @CameronNewton let him know he haven’t thrown me a touchdown in a game yet and now we finally can make it happen @thealbanyempir 6/16/23 in Albany nyc ! I’m offering Cam 150k one game play with me please spam his account 🗣️⏰ #AceBoogieToAB

— AB (@AB84) May 28, 2023

Brown has taken a different path. He has surely gotten back into the league, though it isn’t the NFL. The embattled wide receiver is scheduled to make his Arena League debut on June 16th, playing for the Albany Empire (for which there are conflicting reports on regarding Brown’s potential ownership stake).

He apparently wants Newton to join him.

Brown fired off a tweet on Sunday, calling out the former Panthers and Patriots quarterback. Brown starts by asking if anyone has seen Newton. He then says that the duo has never connected on a touchdown pass, and that they can finally make it happen if Newton agrees to play in June. He then goes on to offer Newton $150k, though there is no dollar sign present in the tweet.


— AB (@AB84) May 28, 2023

It is highly doubtful that Cam Newton would take the bait. While there are feel-good stories about players getting their start in Arena Football before entering the NFL, he would likely see it as a demotion of sorts, and perhaps a gimmick. Newton did not perform well during his final years, but he still believes that he deserves a roster spot in the league.

It remains to be seen if Brown himself even plays in the game. It was his antics and off-field issues that cost him his job in the NFL, and he has remained in the news even after his playing days have ended.

While the duo joining forces is a long shot, thinking about the possibility is fun. Cam Newton struggled with arm strength as he got older, and the shorter field in the Arena League could make him look like an MVP pass thrower once again.

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