12 Years Later, Blue Jays Trade Unites Veteran Yankees Hater With Vladimir Guerrero Jr. And Notorious Alek Manoah

Rivalries have been part of the competitive sports world for ages. Some reach an end, some get renewed over time. One such rivalry is between the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees. The two share rivalries for decades, which is renewed, adding to the competition whenever they meet. This time, apart from infield actions and off-field cases, has added to the fiery contest, leaving everyone engaged in this conversation.

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Given that players play a big role in the continuation of the rivalries. Their contributions, actions, and reactions add another chapter to it. But sometimes, their past actions become part of the present. The same has happened in this case after an old tweet against New York from new Blue Jays’ Paul DeJong has added to modern history. Fans who love instances like this have shared their reactions to the resurfaced tweet and renewed rivalry.

Paul DeJong Takes His Old Yankees Hate to His Old Buddies at the New Blue Jays


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The Toronto Blue Jays used the trade very well. The addition of Paul DeJong from the St. Louis Cardinals could be seen in that direction. Although, Paul came after a hurried decision after Bo Bichette got injured, but looks like a decent addition, with an average of 0.233, 13HRs, 32 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.710. Also, his friendship with Vladimir Guerrero Jr and Alek Manoah could ease his arrival into the new team and help him perform better.

Notorious Blue Jays Pitcher, Hated by Many, Shocks Baseball World, Days After
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But all this does not end here. Given that to be an even better Blue Jays, he needs to follow the team’s competitive morals. The foremost is the rivalry against the Yankees. And it seems, DeJong has already passed this test. An old tweet from him against the Yankees confirmed the same.

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Though the tweet is 12 years old. But it makes very much sense in the current scenario. And the fans who have yet to watch him in the Blue Jays jersey have accepted him as their own. Also, as the fans had their eyes on the new addition, it made them happy. They joined in the conversation with their reactions to the one of us call.

Fans Adore the New Blue Jays Star for His Age-Old Commitment

Every baseball fan wants their team players to be in sync with their feelings. Especially when it comes to hating competitively. Given Blue Jays fans share the same against the Yankees, a bit from the team player makes them cherish him. Similar happened after Paul DeJong’s Yankees hate sync with fans. Fans loved it and joined the conversation with their following reactions.

Fans loved the entire case and feel that it is the best thing they have seen over the period.


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Fans have loved Paul DeJong’s old reaction. Do you think he feels the same after a decade of tweeting it? Do you think with time he would add more to it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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