Tom Brady simplesmente não consegue tirar esse chapéu


Tom Brady is clearly going through something.
Tom Brady is clearly going through something.

Image: Charles Krupa / AP / Shutterstock

ByNicole Gallucci

Tom Brady is no Diane Keaton, that’s for damn sure.

Obviously, he is not an iconic, award-winning actress, director, or producer. But he is also not able to pull off hats in any shape, style, or color — unlike Keaton, who I occasionally refer to as Queen of Hats.

I bring this up now because Brady, who is a New England Patriots quarterback, recently spoke to the media after an NFL preseason game against the Carolina Panthers. He decided to wear a very interesting hat to the press conference, and it is my belief that the hat simply does not work for him.

According to Brady’s Instagram Story, the hat is fromNick Fouquet, a custom hat-maker based in Venice Beach, California. 

Tom Brady simply can't pull off this hat

Image: screengrab/instagram

Now, just to be clear, I have no problem with the hat. It’s lovely, fashionable, and seems very well-made. It, however, does not look like it belongs on Tom’s head, especially when he did this creepy hat tip.

Many Twitter users agree that Tom and The Hat were not a match made in fashion heaven, and several made comparisons to Jim Carrey’s character inThe Mask,which is not anamazingcompliment.

A brief search through Brady’s Instagram revealed that he doesn’t look bad inall hats.He seems to have trouble pulling off the cowboy-eqsue ones for sure, but otherwise, he could easily be considered a hat dude.

This hat? No.

Tom Brady simply can't pull off this hat


These hats? Sure!

The bottom line is the preseason hat Brady sported was not the hat for him. Diane Keaton could have rocked it, though. Heck, she looked better in the five hats she wore on her August 2019InStylecover than Brady looked in that one hat, and I feel like hat-maker Nick Fouquet — who posted the Keaton cover to Instagram — might even agree with me on that.

On Fouquet’s “About Me” page, however, the designer does say that the sexiest way to wear a hat is “With confidence,” and there’s no denying that Brady, at the very least, nailed that. 

According to Brady’s Instagram caption, the bold “preseason hat” was meant to give the public a peek at what he has planned for the regular season.

If that’s the case we’re not sure we’ll ever be ready for this season to start.


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