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Best Fantasy Football Apps

BestFantasy Football Apps for Android for 2019 SeasonAndroid Central2019

The kickoff to the 2019 NFL season is rapidly approaching, and from office leagues to public leagues, we’re sure there’s a lot of you looking to get in on the fantasy action. We’ve gathered up our favorite Android apps to help you dominate this year’s fantasy football draft (and hopefully, the season that follows it)! You’ll find plenty of options here, each letting you drill down into player statistics, latest news, and updates to your draft.

Note: these apps are for season-long fantasy football, not daily fantasy sites like FanDuel and Draft Kings.


When it comes to dominating not only your draft, but the league, it’s important to get the fastest notifications. Sleeper has become the de-facto choice for Fantasy Football enthusiasts and hardcore players alike. The application offers up-to-the-minute notifications as soon as news breaks, while including a great community. Plus, you can move your league from ESPN or Yahoo to Sleeper and take advantage of the fantastic chat functionality.

Download Sleeper (Free)

Yahoo Fantasy

Yahoo Fantasy includes fantasy leagues for more than just the NFL; you can get in on MLB, NBA and NHL at the same time, too. Before the league actually starts towards the end of the month, you can work on mock drafts, check in on player news and score updates, and see what the experts are saying about the latest progress.

Download Yahoo Fantasy Football (Free)

NFL Fantasy Football

The official NFL Fantasy Football app features live and mock drafts, live scoring, in-game video highlights, the ability to join and create leagues, quickly choose your weekly lineup, and tweak your player lineup. There’s lots of timely player news available and expert analysis to help you in your game.

Download NFL Fantasy Football (Free)

ESPN Fantasy Sports

ESPN’s Fantasy Sports app leverages the network’s extensive news teams to provide real-time alerts of trades, injuries, and scores for your favorite teams. You can also check in on live auctions and gut-wrenching snake drafts in addition to participating in mock and live drafts. Of course, you can set your weekly players and follow the latest NFL news from within the app. A new update has also added ESPN’s other fantasy sports to the app like baseball and hockey.

Download ESPN Fantasy Football (Free)

CBS Sports Fantasy

CBS Sports Fantasy is a great football reference that provides projections, stats, and outlooks by CBS experts. You can play around with mock and live drafts, and dive in with full team management, live scoring and chat with other players in the league. CBS Sports fantasy allows for on-the-go trades for your multiple teams, spanning football, baseball, basketball, and hockey.

Download CBS Sports Fantasy (Free)

Fantasy Draft Dominator

The Fantasy Draft Dominator is a cheat sheet to help you make the best picks for your draft. Players are scored across 20 positions within 19 categories of passing, 12 categories of rushing, 12 categories of receiving, 7 categories of kicking, and 27 categories of defense. You’ll have more data than you’ll know what to do with once this is installed. This is one of the highest-rated fantasy football apps in the Google Play Store, and was recently made free with some in-app purchases to unlock more features.

Download Fantasy Draft Dominator (Free w/IAP)

Fantasy Football Draft Wizard

FantasyPros has been consistently ranked above the industry leaders in terms of accuracy and usefulness. The Fantasy Football Draft Wizard allows users to go through Draft simulations, or live mock drafts against other users. Plus, you can create your own, personalized, Cheat Sheet so that you can have the edge against your friends. There is even a draft analyzer that lets you put in your draft results and see how you graded with detailed strengths, weaknesses, and analysis.

Download Fantasy Football Draft Wizard (Free w/IAP)

So what’s your favorite?

There are a lot of ways to get in on fantasy football. What are yours? Who are you eyeballing for your draft? Which leagues do you play in? Hop into the comments and let us know!

Updated August 23, 2019:We’ve updated this post with the best apps for your 2019 Fantasy Football season!

Stay ahead of the competition

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 ($1,100 at Samsung)

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus will surely assist in your league domination as it will be able to keep up with all of the moves you need to make. With its 4500mAh battery and included S Pen, you will be able to make all the right moves on your way to a championship.

iHip NFL Mini Ear Buds($8 at Amazon)

If you want to show off your fandom, what other way to do so than to have some awesome headphones. These mini ear buds from iHip sound great so you can keep up with your favorite team’s news or those weekly podcasts.

NFL PopSockets($15 at PopSockets)

PopSockets are all the rage nowadays and for good reason as they make sure you can keep a grip on your smartphone. Plus, these can be used to prop up your phone in the event that you want to have the game on but aren’t at home on Thursday, Sunday, or Monday.

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