'Possibilidade' Taco Charlton poderia jogar contra Cowboys


Many a prognosticator believes theCowboyswill run roughshod over theDolphinson Sunday, as Dallas has looked superb in a 2-0 start and Miami has appeared hapless in a 0-2 beginning to the season.

Still, there is intrigue.

Josh Rosenis set to make his firstDolphinsstart, whileCowboysdefensive endRobert Quinnwill make his debut for Dallasagainst his previous team.

And maybe, just maybeTaco Charltonwill play for theDolphinsagainst theCowboys, just four days after Dallas released him.

“There is a possibility,” Flores said Friday after practicevia the Dolphins’ team website. “It will be a tough thing to do, obviously. He wants to play. Kid loves football. Hopefully we can get him up to speed then maybe, but it’s a tough thing to do. No promises on that. He knows that. He’s been in our meetings. He’s asking questions. He’s very eager to get in there, whether it’s scout team or defensively. With that type of attitude he’ll be in there sooner than later.”

Charlton was most assuredly a bust for theCowboys, who used the 28th pick of the 2017NFL Drafton the defensive end out of Michigan. Since then, the first-rounder played in 27 games with just seven starts over two seasons and only 46 tackles and four sacks.

On Wednesday, theCowboyscut him. On Thursday, theDolphinsadded Charlton to their rebuilding effort.

It wasn’t exactly a friendly parting of the ways, as Charlton tweeted “free me” before his release andCowboysowner Jerry Jones certainly didn’t have the most glowing of descriptions for the defensive lineman.

“You’ve got to be absolutely be eating raw meat to be a defensive lineman, in my mind,” Jones saidvia the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “For whatever the reason that area of Taco, and it had as much to do with his own disappointment, his own feeling that he can do better. I’ve seen him do a rep in practice, and when he didn’t get there, he just wilted. It just looked like it impacted everything that he was going to do for the rest of the practice. You can say, ‘Well, I can correct that if you’re a coach.’ But on the other hand, you got to get it done.”

Whether Charlton can get it done or not with theDolphinsis a quandary that will play out beyond Sunday. But whether or not Charlton lines up against his former team inside of a week since his departure is intriguing, indeed.


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