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NFL players arrived in style for the league’s first-ever game in Winnipeg.

Members of the Oakland Raiders and Green Bay Packers touched down in the Manitoba capital on Wednesday, ahead of Thursday’s preseason game at IG Field.

The biggest star to arrive was Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who arrived wearing a Canadian tuxedo complete with a bolo tie.

Your new 📱 wallpaper 😎🔥

— Green Bay Packers (@packers)August 21, 2019

Raiders players took a different approach.

Excited to be playing north of the border, placekicker Daniel Carlson stepped off the plane wearing a Jets t-shirt, while punter AJ Cole rocked a Winnipeg t-shirt.

Looks like@DanielCarlson38and@AJCole90are ready for 🇨🇦

— Oakland Raiders (@Raiders)August 21, 2019

Just one problem, Cole’s t-shirt inexplicably said “Winnipeg, Alberta.”

Canadian football fans were quick to point out the error…

Welcome to Winnipeg, Alberta. You’re gonna love it

— Jeff Hamilton (@jeffkhamilton)August 22, 2019

Winnipeg, Alberta! Oh come on. Seriously guys????? One Google search… just one. It’s Manitoba.

— Kim 🎈 (@KimBabij)August 22, 2019

Winnipeg, Alberta?

— Jason (@SubduedTheatrix)August 22, 2019

They must be American if they can’t even get the cities right 🙄

— Kelvin Szatkowski (@Im2Tall4This)August 22, 2019

Come to Calgary Manitoba and we’ll get you some Montreal Flames shirts

— Ian S (@imstransport)August 22, 2019

I may consider going to the football game if the Winnipeg, Alberta shirt was available in the merch area

— Erin Riediger (@erinriediger)August 22, 2019

Winnipeg, Alberta?

— Kudos (@kudos2jen)August 22, 2019

Even the CFL’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers were chirping the poor guy, who was signed by the Raiders as an undrafted free agent out of NC State in May.

We can’t wait to visit you in Oakland, Nevada 😏

— WPG Blue Bombers (@Wpg_BlueBombers)August 22, 2019

…while the Winnipeg Jets offered to help…

need that!!

— AJ Cole III (@AJCole90)August 22, 2019

Even Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman got involved:

thanks for having us!

— AJ Cole III (@AJCole90)August 22, 2019

So where did Cole get his shirt from? Amazon, of course:

if amazon prime counts as a cheap flea market, guilty as charged lol

— AJ Cole III (@AJCole90)August 22, 2019

Like a good honorary Canadian, Cole apologized for his faux pas.

“Apologies to the citizens of Winnipeg, Manitoba… just a kid from Atlanta, Florida playing football in Oakland, Nevada with a low geography IQ,” he said.

apologies to the citizens of Winnipeg, Manitoba… just a kid from Atlanta, Florida playing football in Oakland, Nevada with a low geography IQ@Raiders

— AJ Cole III (@AJCole90)August 22, 2019

Of course, this didn’t stop the chirping from Canadian teammate Luke Willson, who may have willfully allowed this whole incident to happen:

we played werewolf for 2 hours on the plane and you couldn’t save me from myself? you’re the one who should say sorey!

— AJ Cole III (@AJCole90)August 22, 2019

Whatever the case, it looks like Winnipeg is excited to have the NFL in town — even iforganizers priced most fans out of the stadium. Alook at Ticketmaster shows there’s still a significant amount of empty seats for the game — despite the fact that organizers have slashed prices in an apparent last-ditch effort to boost attendance numbers.

Welcome to Winnipeg ⁦@Raiders⁩ Nation. Great to have you (and this incredible plane) in

— Winnipeg Airport (@YWGairport)August 21, 2019

Home away from home.#GBvsOAK🇨🇦

— Oakland Raiders (@Raiders)August 22, 2019

📍 Winnipeg#GoPackGo🇨🇦

— Green Bay Packers (@packers)August 21, 2019

.@RealDannyVitalealso dressed for the occasion! 😎🇨🇦

— Green Bay Packers (@packers)August 21, 2019

Thank you to all the#Packersfans who welcomed us to Canada! 🙌🇨🇦

— Green Bay Packers (@packers)August 21, 2019

International business trip 🇨🇦

— Green Bay Packers (@packers)August 21, 2019

X x Travel Vibes x X

📸 »

— Oakland Raiders (@Raiders)August 22, 2019


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