Compre uma TV Hisense 4K ULED no Walmart e receba um crédito fuboTV de US $ 50


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Cord cutting is all fun and games until you need to stream multiple NFL games — that's where fuboTV comes in.
Cord cutting is all fun and games until you need to stream multiple NFL games — that’s where fuboTV comes in.

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TL;DR:The crispy Hisense H8F 4K TV is already a wallet-friendly choice — but through Nov. 30, you can get a $50 fuboTV credit with your purchase of a55-inchor65-inchmodel.

Ditching cable feels like a really smart move — you can still get your favorite shows on a ridiculous slew of streaming apps, and broadcast channels are just anHD antennaaway.

That is,until it’s NFL seasonand you need to follow games outside of your local station. You live in NYC but want to keep up with your home state team? Too bad, NBC says you’re watching the Jets for the fourth week in a row.

Hisense wants the 2019-2020 season to be your best yet by experiencing the game in 4K. And when you grab a55-inchor65-inchHisense ULED 4K TVs, they’ll throw in a $50 fuboTV credit.

Mashable named fuboTV as one of thebest streaming sites for live sports. But you’d have to be a serious die-hard sport nut to want to fork over $44.99 every month. This credit is coming at the most clutch time possible — and when you add a seven-day free trial on top of that, you’re basically getting five weeks of all of the sports you could ever want. The service offers over 90 live channels including the NFL Network, Fox Sports 1 and 2, and the Big Ten Network. Cheers tonothaving to sit at the bar.

Buy a Hisense 4K ULED TV at Walmart, get a $50 fuboTV credit

Image: hisense

Between Samsung, Sony, and LG’s OLED and QLED TVs, trying to be a ~nice~ 4K TV can seem way too ridiculous for the average price range. This TV in the promo, the Hisense H8F, has actually received a lot of love from a handful of publishers.Techhive’s reviewerwas impressed with the updated black contrasts and HDR10 and Dolby support, especially for the price range. It has 60 local dimming ranges and a motion rate of 240 to prevent lag (especially important for sports streaming).

Through Nov. 30, you can grab the55-inch modelfor $479.99 or the65-inchmodel for $699.99 and redeem your offer


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